33.45.78 All Vinyl Radio Show
with Steve Fruitman
October 21, 2019
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Umlouts Unlimited
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     Hour One

1.   The York County Boys: York County Breakdown (York County Boys) 1959 *
2.   Rising Sun: Born To Be Wild (Mars Bonfire) 1969 *
3.   Marg Osburne: Lollytoodum (Trad) 1959 *
4.   The Fall: Psykick Dance Hall (Craig Scanlon / Marc Riley / Mark Smith) 1979
5.   kd lang: Fallen (Ron Sexsmith) 2016 *
6.   Whitehorse: Devil’s Got A Gun  (Luke Doucet / Melissa McClelland) 2013 *
7.   The Chambers Brothers: Do Your Thing (Chambers Brothers) 1968
8.   Stan McDonald: Ole Cod Fish (S McDonald) 1986 *
9.   Buffy Sainte-Marie: Not The Lovin’ Kind (B Sainte-Marie) 1972 *
10. Jane Siberry: The Strange Well (Jane Siberry) 1981 *
11. Les Wild Ones: Mon Amour (Zephirin / Moschella / Cambrina) 1966 *
12. Sylvia Tyson: In My Hour of Darkness (Gram Parsons / Emmylou Harris) 1976 *
13. Harold Nix: Take A Drive (Harold Nix) 1986 *
14. Mart Kenny & His Orchestra: In The Shadow of the Mountain (Johnny Burt) 1982

Hour Two – The Umlauts

1.   Amon Düül II: Mirrors (John Weinzier) 1974
2.   Blue Öyster Cult: Cities on Flame (S Pearlman / D Roeser / A Bouchard) 1975
3.   La Düsseldorf: White Overalls (Klaus Dinger) 1978
4.   Motörhead: Ace of Spades (Eddie Clarke / Ian Kilmister / Phil Taylor) 1980
5.   Husker Dü: In A Free Land (Bob Mould)1982
6.   Ego: Fjöllin hafa vakao (The Mountains Have Awaken) (Bubbi Morthens) 1982
7.   Terveet Kädet: Vapaa Pohjola (Timo Viik) 1983
8.   Spın̈al Tap: Heavy Duty (Christopher Guest / Harry Shearer / MJ McKean / Rob Reiner) 1984
9.   Mötley Crüe: Louder Than Hell (Nikki Sixx) 1985
10. Die Ärzte: Käfer (Farin Urlaub) 1985
11. Voivod: Horror (Voivod) 1986 *
12. The Accüsed: Take No Prisoners (Geoff Tate / Michael Wilton) 1987
13. Queensrÿche: The Needle Lies (Geoff Tate / Michael Wilton) 1988
14. Björk: Human Behaviour (Björk Guðmundsdóttir) 1993
15. Rudi Knabl: Müchner Brub (Rudi Knabl) 1978

CanCon = 45%

And Now for The Particulars:

Hour One

1.   The York County Boys: York County Breakdown (York County Boys)
Bluegrass Jamboree: ARC Records A502
Toronto ON
Mike Cameron: guitar
Rex Yetman: mandolin
Big John McManaman: banjo
Brian Barron: fiddle
Alfred Leger: bass
Produced by Arc Records staff, 1959
Released 1960

Formed in 1954, this was Canada’s first recorded bluegrass album. They were one of the first bands to play the Mariposa Folk Festival and continued performing throughout the 1960s. In 1990 they were recognized by the Toronto Area Bluegrass Association by being awarded the Pioneer Bluegrass Award.

2.   Rising Sun: Born To Be Wild (Mars Bonfire)
Born To Be Wild: Birchmount Records: BM 515

No idea who was in this band
Produced by Ray Schwartz: 1969

Incredibly rare recording  very little known about this band but remember, that there are other bands out there with the same name. One, from Burlington ON, was called The Rising Suns but they disbanded by ‘68.

3.   Marg Osburne: Lollytoodum (Trad)*
A Century Of Folk Songs: Rodeo Records RLP 100
Moncton NB

Marg Osburne: vocals
Acc by guitar
Produced 1959

Verna Marguerite Osburne b. Dec 29, 1927 Moncton, NB / d. July 16, 1977 Rocklyn, ON (49)

A well loved mainstay of the Don Messer’s Jubilee radio and television shows, this was her first album of folksongs from the Maritimes. Don Messer was travelling through Moncton in 1947 and heard Osburne singing on CKCW, billed as "The Girl From the Singing Hills". He hired her to fill in for Charlie Chamberlain who was recovering from an automobile accident. She soon became the group's lead singer. Osburne and Chamberlain became regular performers on the show and made a number of recordings together of mostly spiritual music.  She collapsed during a concert in Rocklyn, Ontario and died before reaching the hospital.

4.   The Fall: Psykick Dance Hall (Craig Scanlon / Marc Riley / Mark Smith)
Dragnet: Step-Forward Records SFLP 4
Manchester UK

Mark E Smith: keys, kazoo, vocals
Steve Hanley: bass
Marc Riley: guitars
Craig Scanlon: guitar, piano
Mike Leigh: drums
Kay Carroll: bg vocals
Produced by The Fall and Grant Shobiz, 1979
Recorded at Cargo Studios, Rochdale UK by John Breirley

Formed in 1976, The Fall are UK’s most prolific band from the punk rock era, having released 32 studio albums! This song is from their second LP. Having hated what the producer did to their first album, instead of a good clean sound, the band wanted it rough around the edges. It’s sound is described as being muddy and lo-fi, so much so, that the recording company they used (Cargo Studios) asked that the band not use their name on the album cover, thinking it would scare away potential customers.

5.   kd lang: Fallen (Ron Sexsmith)
Hymns of the 49th Parallel: Nonsuch Records 7559-79474-3
Consort AB

kd lang: vocal
Teddy Borowiecki: keys, accordion
Ben Mink: guitars
David Piltch: bass
Sara Parkins, Tiffany Yi Hu and David Stenske: violins
Brian Dembow & Cynthia Fogg: violas
Stephen Erdody, Cecilia Tsan: cellos
Eumir Deodato: string conductor
Produced by Ben Mink and kd lang, 2016
Recorded and mixed by David Leonard at Conway Recording Studios, Los Angeles
Mastered by Robert C Ludwig at Gateway Mastering Studios, Portland Maine

This is just a beautiful album of songs composed by Canadian songwriters from Neil Young to Jane Siberry; Bruce Cockburn, Joni, Leonard and Sexsmith. It’s sparse, it breathes, it lives! Just a joy to listen to.

6.   Whitehorse: Devil’s Got A Gun 2 (Luke Doucet / Melissa McClelland)
45 single bw Lipstick: Six Shooter Records SIX076
Toronto ON

Luke Doucet: guitar, vocal
Melissa McLelland: bass, vocal
Produced by Whitehorse, 2013
Recorded by moon:&:6 at Catherine North Studio
Mastered by Phil Demetro at the Lacquer Channel, Toronto

Luke and Melissa keep on putting out great music. This is from a 45 that they put out in 2013. Most of their newer releases were digital.

RIP George Chambers

7.   The Chambers Brothers: Do Your Thing (Chambers Brothers)
A New Time A New Day: Columbia CS 9671
Los Angeles CA

Lester Chambers: harmonica
Joe Chambers: guitar
Willie Chambers: guitar
George Chambers: bass
Brian Keenan: drums
Produced by Tim OBrien, 1968
Recorded by Fred Catero & Roy Segal

George Chambers b. Mississippi 1931 / d. Oct 12, 2019 (88)

The oldest of 13 siblings, George Chambers started his family band singing spirituals in the 1950s. They went on to perform secular music in the 60s, a band of four brothers and a white guy, Brian Keenan, on drums. They signed to Columbia Records in 1966 and recorded their first album, The Time Has Come, featuring the song of the same name which became their first and only major hit.

George Chambers hated the song. He would often complain about having to perform it live. According to his brother Willie: “He didn’t want no part of ‘Time Has Come Today.’ He thought it was silly and ridiculous and every time we were to play he said, ‘We’re not going to do that song, are we?’ We’d say, ‘Yeah. We’re going to do that song every chance we get.’ Man, because all the screaming and all of the carrying on, it was unheard of, especially for black people.”

8.   Stan McDonald: Ole Cod Fish (S McDonald)
Sailor Boy: SWC Records: MD-8601
Ramea, NL

Stan McDonald: vocal, 12 String
Sim Savory: accordion, lead guitar, bass
Howard Bailey: lap steel, lead guitar
Bud Davidge: guitar
Pious Hickey: guitar
Hughie Poole: bg vocal
Produced by Sim Savory, 1986
Recorded by Sim Savory and Neil Bishop at Sim's Studio, Belleoram, NL

The town of Ramea was incorporated in 1951 after residents of The Five Islands (which included Ramea Island) were re-located there. It was most likely named for Le Ramée, a street in Saint Peter Port, the capital of Guernsey.

9.   Buffy Sainte-Marie: Not The Lovin’ Kind (B Sainte-Marie)
45 single bw He’s An Indian Cowboy In The Rodeo: Vanguard Records VRS 35156
Qu'Appelle Valley SK

Buffy Sainte-Marie: guitar, vocal
Charlie McCoy: electric guitar, harmonica
Billy Sanford: guitar
David Briggs: keys
Norbert Putnam: bass
Kenny Buttrey: drums
Memphis Horns
Produced by Buffy Sainte-Marie and Norbert Putnam, 1972
Recorded by Gene Eichelberger at Quadrafonic Studios, Nashville

b. February 20, 1941 Qu'Appelle Valley, Saskatchewan

10. Jane Siberry: The Strange Well (Jane Siberry)
Jane Siberry: Street Records: SR 002
Guelph ON

Jane Siberry: vocals, guitar, piano
Carl Keesee: bass
David Bradstreet: electric & 12 string guitar
Trevor Ferrier: congas
Produced by David Bradstreet, Carl Keesee & Jane Siberry: 1981
Recorded & Mixed by David Bradstreet & Carl Keesee, Toronto
Mastered by George Graves at The Lacquer Channel, Toronto

11. Les Wild Ones: Mon Amour (Zephirin / Moschella / Cambrina)
45 single b/w Quand je te demande: Solfège LF-113X
Montreal QC

Henriot Zephirin: vocals and guitar
Walter: guitar soloist
David Chambers: guitar
Robert Weber: bass guitar
Gabriel Cambrina: drums
Produced 1966

Montreal area garage band (literally) that was influenced by The Stones and The Haunted. Circa 1963: 69. Apparently, there is only one photograph of the group, published in the book The Marvelous Epoch of Quebecois groups of the 60s.

12. Sylvia Tyson: In My Hour of Darkness (Gram Parsons / Emmylou Harris)
Cool Wind From The North: Capitol Records Canada 6000 Series ST 6441
Toronto / Chatham ON

Sylvia Fricker Tyson: vocals
Dave Brown, John Anderson, Dave Lewis: drums
Kim Brandt, Jim Morgan: bass
Pee Wee Charles, Ron Dann, Al Brisco: pedal steel
Al Cherney, John P Allen: fiddle
Gordon Fleming, Doug Riley: piano
Dick Smith: congas
Michael Craden: Percussion
Erica Goodman: harp
Ed Wideman: bg vocals
Produced by Ian Tyson, 1976
Executive Producer: Paul White
Recorded by Phil Sheridan at Thunder Sound, Toronto
First Published in Canada September, 1976

Sylvia Fricker b. Chatham ON Sept 19, 1940

Working around his addiction to heroin and alcohol, Gram Parsons pulled together some songs to release on his second solo LP; coming up short, he and Emmylou Harris wrote In My Hour Of Darkness, one of the best songs on The Return of the Grievous Angel. It obviously struck a chord with Sylvia Tyson who included her version of it on her second solo album, produced by her ex Ian Tyson after the breakup of their band, The Great Speckled Bird.

Sylvia Tyson was made a member of the Order of Canada in 1994. She was nominated seven times for a Juno Award, the first being in 1987 as Country Female Vocalist of the Year.  The Canadian Music Hall of Fame inducted Ian & Sylvia as a duo in 1992. In 2003, Sylvia Tyson was inducted into the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame. An announcement in July 2019 stated that Ian Tyson and Sylvia Tyson would be inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame, individually, and not as a duo.

13. Harold Nix: Take A Drive (Harold Nix)
The Fugitive Kind: East Side Records 003
Vancouver BC

Harold Nix: guitars, harmonica, vocals
Mike Van Eyes: keys, classical guitar, vocals
Steve Taylor: drums
Ian Tiles: drums, percussion
Ron Scott: bass
Jack Velker: keys
Adam Drake: drums
Rodger Brant: bass
Lee Oliphant: bass
Peter Sweetzer: organ
Produced by Mike Van Eyes and Herald Nix, 1986
Recorded by Dale Penner at Mushroom Studio, Vancouver
Mixed by Brian Campbell at Blue Wave Studios

A regular on the West Coast music scene, Nix is still out there performing. He was alt-country before there was such a thing.

14. Mart Kenny & His Orchestra: In The Shadow of the Mountain (Johnny Burt)
Mart Kenny’s 50th Anniversary Musical Tribute: World Records WRS1-101
New Westminster BC

Norma Locke: vocals
Produced for Canadian Talent Library, 1982
Songs recorded between 1938 and 1964

Norma (Beth) Locke b. Montreal QC Oct 15, 1923 / d.  Sept 17, 1990 Mission, BC (66)

Norma Locke performed with her husband’s band, Mart Kenney and His Western Gentlemen, from 1944 to the late 1960s. She was thought of as Canada’s version of Vera Lynn. The Mart Kenny Orchestra first got together in Vancouver in 1931 and performed across Canada as one of the country’s major national bands.

Hour Two - Umlauts

The Umlaut: The first gratuitous use of the umlaut in the name of a hard rock or metal band appears to have been by Blue Öyster Cult, in 1970. Blue Öyster Cult's website states it was added by guitarist and keyboardist Allen Lanier but rock critic Richard Meltzer claims to have suggested it to their producer and manager Sandy Pearlman just after Pearlman came up with the name: "I said, 'How about an umlaut over the O?' Metal had a Wagnerian aspect anyway." This started an Umlaut cult by metal bands who desired a Gothic look and feel to their names. Metal Umlauts were not used for pronunciation, however, unlike traditional umlauts. Many bands used them over letters not normally associated with umlauts.

1.   Amon Düül II: Mirrors (John Weinzier)
Hijack: ATCO Records ‎– SD 36-108
Munich, GM

Wild Willy: accordion, Percussion, Vocals
Lothar Meid: Bass, Guitar, Vocals
Peter Leopold: Drums, Percussion, Acoustic Guitar
Olaf Kübler: Flute, Saxophone Soprano
Ludwig Popp: French Horn
John Weinzierl: Guitar
Chris Karrer: Guitar, Violin, Vocals, Saxophone Tenor
Thor Baldursson: Keyboards
Hermann Jalowitzki: Percussion
Bobby Jones, Rudy Nagora: Saxophone
Chris Balder: Strings 
Falk-U. Rogner: Synthesizer
Bob Chatwin, Lee Harper: Trumpet
Renate Knaup: Vocals
Produced by Wild Willy and Amon Düül II, 1974
Recorded by David Siddle

Amon Düül was a radical art commune located in Munich in the late 1960s that was dedicated to amateur artists who would not otherwise be recognized. This included painting and music. A number of musicians recorded for Amon Düül so when some of the better ones decided to form a group, they called it Amon Düül II. They broke up in 1981.

2.   Blue Öyster Cult: Cities on Flame (S Pearlman / D Roeser / A Bouchard)
On Your Feet Or On Your Knees: Columbia Records AL 33373
Long Island NY

Albert Bouchard: drums
Joe Bouchard: bass
Allan Lanier: keys
Eric Bloom: vocals, guitar, synth
Donald Roeser: lead guitar
Produced by Murray Krugman & Sandy Pearlman, 1975
Mixed by Jack Douglas
Released on February 27, 1975
Recorded by Tom Scott, Kurt Kuntzel, Aaron Baron, Tim Geelan, Pete Weiss, Jerry Smith at various locations incl. P.N.E. Coliseum, Vancouver between October 5-21, 1974.

Years active 1967-1986 has sold more than 24 million records worldwide. They were the first rock band to use umlauts which inspired others, like Motörhead and Mötley Crüe to do likewise.

3.   La Düsseldorf: White Overalls (Klaus Dinger)
Viva: Strand Records 6.23626
Düsseldorf, GM

Hans Lampe: Drums, Percussion 
Nikolaus van Rhein: Keyboards, Synth
Thomas Dinger: Vocals, Percussion
Klaus Dinger: Vocals, Percussion, Guitar
Producer, Recorded, Mixed By La Düsseldorf, 1978
Recorded by Hans Lampe
Recorded At La Düsseldorf Studio
Mixed At La Düsseldorf Studio
Lacquer Cut At TELDEC-Studio, Hamburg

La Düsseldorf was a German band, consisting of onetime Kraftwerk drummer and Neu! multi-instrumentalist Klaus Dinger and occasional Neu! collaborators Thomas Dinger and Hans Lampe. La Düsseldorf was formed after Neu! Disbanded La Düsseldorf was a German band, consisting of onetime Kraftwerk drummer and Neu! multi-instrumentalist Klaus Dinger and occasional Neu! collaborators Thomas Dinger and Hans Lampe. La Düsseldorf was formed after Neu! disbanded

4.   Motörhead: Ace of Spades (Eddie Clarke / Ian Kilmister / Phil Taylor)
Ace of Spades: Mercury Records ‎– MCR4-1-4011
London UK

Lemmy:  vocals, bass
Eddie Clarke: guitar
Phil Taylor: drums
Produced, recorded & mixed by Vic "Chairman" Maile, 1980
Recorded at Jackson's Studios, Rickmansworth, England

After Lemmy was unceremoniously kicked out of Hawkwind in 1975, he formed Motörhead with an umlaut. One of their first gigs was supporting Blue Öyster Cult, thus the umlaut! When asked if Germans pronounced the band "Motuuuurhead", Lemmy answered "No, they don't. I only put it in there to look mean".  They released 22 studio albums, 10 live recordings, 12 compilation albums, and five EPs over a career spanning 40 years.

5.   Husker Dü: In A Free Land (Bob Mould)
In A Free Land 3 song EP: New Alliance Records NAR 010
St. Paul, MN

Bass, Vocals: Greg Norton
Drums, Vocals: Grant Hart
Guitar, Vocals: Bob Mould
Produced by Husker Dü & Steve Fjelstad, 1982
Mastered At: Greg Lee Processing

From the Twin-Cities of Minneapolis / St. Paul Minnesota

The new name originated during a rehearsal of the Talking Heads's "Psycho Killer.” Unable to recall the French portions sung in the original (e.g., Qu'est-ce que c'est?), they instead started shouting any foreign-language words they could remember, including the title of the popular 1970s memory board game Hūsker Dū? (the phrase meaning "do you remember?" in Danish and Norwegian).

6.   Ego: Fjöllin hafa vakao (Mountains Have Awaken) (Bubbi Morthens / Ego)
i Mynd: Steinar Records ST 063
Reykjavik, Iceland

Beggi Morthens: guitars
Runar: bass
Maggi Stef: drums
Bubbi Morthens: vocals
Produced by EGO and Tomas Tomasson, 1982
Recorded by Louis Austin, Starling Studios, London, October 1982
Mastered at Town House Cutting Room

Bubbi Morthons was a member of Utangarðsmenn (The Outsiders), a punk band that led the new wave movement in Iceland in the late 1970s. After a bitter argument, Morthens left the band after its other members claimed that Morthens had too big of an ego so he formed another band and called them Ego. They recorded three albums before breaking up in 1984. Since then Morthens has continued performing as a solo artist. 

7.   Terveet Kädet: Vapaa Pohjola (Timo Viik)
Terveet Kädet: Propaganda Records PRO-012
Tornio, Finland

Bass, Backing Vocals: Piäsky
Drums: Walde
Guitar: Tiimo
Vocals: Läjä
Produced by Terveet Kädet, 1983
Recorded By, Mixed By: H. Karjalainen*

After forming in 1980, this punk band inspired bands from around the world. The name Terveet Kädet means "Healthy Hands".

8.   Spın̈al Tap: Heavy Duty (C Guest / H Shearer / MJ McKean / Rob Reiner)
This Is Spın̈al Tap: Polydor Records PDS4-1-6390

David St. Hubbins (Michael McKean): lead vocals and guitar
Nigel Tufnel (Christopher Guest): lead guitar, mandolin, and vocals
Viv Savage (David Kaff): keyboards and vocals
Derek Smalls (Harry Shearer): bass guitar and vocals
Mick Shrimpton (Ric Parnell): drums and percussion
Produced by Christopher Guest, Michael McKean and Harry Shearer, 1984
Recorded, engineered and mixed by Patrick McDonald
Editing: Kenneth Karman

The band with the best umlaut!

9.   Mötley Crüe: Louder Than Hell (Nikki Sixx)
Theatre of Pain: Elektra Records E4 60418
Los Angeles CA

Bass, Guitar, Synthesizer, Backing Vocals: Nikki Sixx
Drums, Percussion, Piano, Backing Vocals: Tommy Lee
Guitar: Mick Mars
Vocals, Harmonica: Vince Neil
Produced by Tom Werman, 1985
Recorded By, Mixed By Duane Baron

While trying to find a suitable name, band member Rick Mars remembered an incident that occurred when he was playing with a band called White Horse, when one of the other band members called the group "a motley looking crew". He had remembered the phrase and later copied it down as 'Mottley Cru'. After modifying the spelling slightly, "Mötley Crüe" was eventually selected as the band's name, with the stylistic decision suggested by vocalist Vince Neil to add the two sets of metal umlauts, supposedly inspired by the German beer Löwenbräu, which the members were drinking at the time. 

10. Die Ärzte: Käfer (Farin Urlaub)
Im Schatten der Ärzte (In The Shadow of the Doctors): CBS ‎– CBS 26 727
Berlin GM

Farin Urlaub: guitar, vocals
Bela B. Felsenheimer: drums, vocals
Hans "Sahnie" Runge: bass guitar, vocals
Produced by Micki Meuser, 1985
Recorded by David Heilmann

This band used the Umlaut for a practical reason. The band name "Die Ärzte" was decided upon after its members noticed that the folder with the umlaut "Ä" was empty in most record stores. So they would have a section of the record rack to themselves! Although their name spelled with a two dotted umlaut is correct, the band usually use a three dotted umlaut, one dot for each of the members.

Käfer means Beetle in German

11. Voivod: Horror (Voivod)
Rrröööaaarrr: Banzai Records BRC4 1973
Jonquière, Quebec

Snake (Denis Bélanger): vocals
Piggy (Denis D'Amour): guitar, assistant engineer
Blacky (Jean-Yves Thériault): bass guitar, assistant engineer
Away (Michel Langevin): drums, artwork
Produced by Mike Armstadt and Voivod, 1986
Recorded at L’Autre Studios, Montreal Nov 11-17, 1985

Since we’re in the gothic punk realm, a band from Quebec without an umlaut in its name, but look at what they called their second album. Rrröööaaarrr. What else is there to say? Except that the band never ended.

12. The Accüsed: Take No Prisoners (Geoff Tate / Michael Wilton)
More Fun Than An Open Casket Funeral: Unrest Records ‎– UNREST CD006
Oak Harbor, Washington

Bass: Alex Sibbald
Drums: Dana Collins
Guitar: Tommy Niemeyer
Vocals: Blaine Cook
Produced by The Accüsed, 1987
Recorded at Michael Lord Productions on Valentine’s Day 1987 by Keith Livingston, Michael Lord

An influential band formed from the Seattle scene as it was just getting under way in 1981. They were the thrashers who decided to go heavy metal and played what they termed Splatter Rock. Most of their songs centre around their zombie mascot, Martha Splatterhead, whose likeness adorns most of their albums. No idea why they chose to use the umlaut.

13. Queensrÿche: The Needle Lies (Geoff Tate / Michael Wilton)
Operation: Mindcrime: EMI-Manhattan Records ‎ E4 48640
Bellevue, Washington

Geoff Tate: lead vocals, keyboard, whistles and blurbs
Chris DeGarmo:  six- and twelve-string guitar acoustic guitars, lap steel guitar, guitar synth
Michael Wilton: guitar
Eddie Jackson: bass
Scott Rockenfield: drums, percussion
Produced by Peter Collins, 1988
Recorded at Kajem/Victory Studios, Gladwyne, Pennsylvania & Le Studio, Morin Heights, Quebec by Paul Northfield
Mastered by Bob Ludwig at Masterdisk, New York

The name "Queensrÿche" is written with a metal umlaut over the letter 'y'. As the band later joked: "The umlaut over the 'y' has haunted us for years. We spent eleven years trying to explain how to pronounce it." The umlaut is used on all of Queensrÿche's releases, except for their 2011 album, Dedicated to Chaos.

14. Björk: Human Behaviour (Björk Guðmundsdóttir / Nellee Hooper)
Debut: Elektra Records CD 61468
Reykjavik, Iceland

Björk: lead vocals, arranger, programmer, basslines, keyboards, brass programming
Garry Hughes: keyboards, Hammond organ, programming
Oliver Lake: music arranger, reeds
Corky Hale: harp
Gary Barnacle: brass
Marius de Vries: keyboards, programming
Nellee Hooper: percussion, drums
Luís Jardim: bass, percussion, drums
Talvin Singh: director, tabla
Bruce Smith: percussion, drums
Martin Virgo: keyboards, programming
Paul Waller: keyboards, programming
Jon Mallison: guitar
Mike Mower: brass
Jhelisa Anderson: backing vocals
Produced by Nellee Hooper, 1993
Recorded at studios in England, Mumbai and the US
Mastered by Mike Marsh

Iceland’s wonderful singer with a natural Umlaut! From her Debut album (although it was her second release).

15. Rudi Knabl: Müchner Brub (Rudi Knabl)
Und Seine Goldene Zither: Heimat-Melodie Records CL 29662
Munich, GM

Rudi Knabl: zither
Others not listed
Produced 1978

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