33.45.78 All Vinyl Radio Show
with Steve Fruitman
October 14, 2019
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Life Goes Too Fast

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     Hour One

1.   Downchild Blues Band: Can’t Lose What You Never Had (Morganfield) 1973 *
2.   The Arrows: Treat Her Right (Roy Head) 1981 *
3.   Jimmy Bowskill Band: Sinking Down (Bowskill / McKeown / Reiff) 2012 *
4.   Blue Rodeo: Underground (Greg Keelor / Jim Cuddy) 1987 *
5.   Elliott Brood: Will They Bury Us (Elliott Brood) 2011 *
6.   Fludd: What An Animal! (Brian & Edmund Pilling) 1975 *
7.   Battered Wives: Daredevil (Jasper) 1979 *
8.   Goddo: Vampire Eyes (Greg Godovitz) 1981 *
9.   It’s All Meat: You Don’t Notice The Time You Waste (MacKay / McKim) 1970 *
10. The Band: Rags And Bones (Robbie Robertson) 1975 *
11. Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers: Magnolia (Tom Petty) 1978
12. The Woodshed Orchestra: Leonard Cohen (Rich Marsella / Dave Clark) 2018 *

Hour Two

1.   The Ceedees: He Plays Guitar (Curtis Driedger) 1980 *
2.   A Foot In Cold Water: Play My Guitar (Paul Naumann) 1977 *
3.   Paul Edward Royes: Rainbow Bar – Tribute To Lemmy (PE Royes) 2019 *
4.   Hawkwind: Urban Guerilla (Dave Brock / Robert Calvert) 1972
5.   Motörhead: Train Kept A Rollin’ (Howie Kay / Lois Mann / Tiny Bradshaw) 1977
6.   Dillard & Clark: Train Leaves Here This Morning (Bernie Leadon / Gene Clark) 1968
7.   Chalk Circle: Trains (Chalk Circle) 1985 *
8.   Stephen Fearing: The Things We Did (S Fearing / Tom Allen) 2018 *
9.   The Four Lads: The Things We Did Last Summer (Kahn / Styne) 1956 *
10. A Neon Rome: The Magical Summer of ’85 (A Neon Rome) 1986 *
11. Tulpä: Rome Is Burning (Chris Bottomley) 1985 *
12. The Eagles: Life In The Fast Lane (Walsh / Henley / Frey) 1976
13. Bearfoot: Life Goes Too Fast (Terry Danko / James Atkinson) 1972 *

CanCon = 80%

And Now for The Particulars:

Hour One

1.   Downchild Blues Band: Can’t Lose What You Never Had (McKinley Morganfield)
Straight Up: Special Records: 9230-1029
Toronto, ON

Don Walsh: guitar
Rick (The Hock) Walsh: vocal
Jim Milne: bass
Paul Nixon: drums
Produced by Alan Duffy & Bill Bryans, 1973
Recorded by Terry Brown at Toronto Sounds Studios
Mixed by Alan Duffy and Bill Bryans

Richard ‘Hock’ Walsh b. Dec 19, 1948 / d. Dec 31, 1999 Toronto (51)

Downchild celebrating their 50th anniversary this year. Here’s their basic line-up before Hock Walsh was fired the band in 1974. He founded it with his brother Donnie in 1969 and was fired on numerous occasions (the last time being in 1990). Hock was a founding member of the Cameo Blues Band, house band at the Hotel Isabella in Toronto.  He was lead vocalist on the first 3 Downchild albums. He also appeared on 1989’s Gone Fishing.

2.   The Arrows: Treat Her Right (Roy Head)
Toronto Calling Sampler: El Mocambo ELMO759
Toronto ON

Dean McTagggart: vocals
Michael Sloski: drums, percussion
Gabor Szepesi: keys
Hendrik Rilk: bass
Rusty McCarthy: guitars
Peter Follett: guitar
Denis Keldie: Hammond organ
Produced by Dan Durban and The Arrows, 1981
Recorded by Dan Durban at Kensington Sound, Toronto

In 1981, The Arrows were a brand new band and through El Mocambo Records, this version featured on a Toronto rock sampler album Toronto Calling was released as a single. The band played through most of the 80s until lead vocalist Dean McTaggert started writing songs for Amanda Marshall, Terri Clark and Wynonna Judd.

3.   Jimmy Bowskill Band: Sinking Down (Bowskill / McKeown / Reiff)
Back Number: Ruf Records RUF 2008
Toronto ON

Jimmy Bowskill: guitar, piano, trumpet, vocals
Ian McKeown: bass, trombone, vocals
Dan Reiff: drums, vocals
Produced & mixed by Brian Moncarz and the Jimmy Bowskill Band, 2013
Recorded by Wayne Cochrane & Kevin Dietz at Metalworks Studios, Toronto & Rattlebox North
Mastered by Joe Lambert at Joe Lambert Mastering, Brooklyn NY

b. Bailieboro ON Sept 16, 1990

Bowskill was a child prodigy, recognized by Jeff Healey when the kid was only 11 years old. He went on to produce several critically acclaimed albums while still in his teens.  In 2005 he was presented with a Maple Blues Award as "Best New Artist of the Year".  In 2010, he toured in Europe with Joe Bonamassa and Jeff Beck.

In November 2015, Bowskill joined Canadian rock band The Sheepdogs playing lead, rhythm and pedal steel guitar. In 2016, Blue Rodeo released their album 1000 Arms, which includes Bowskill playing on two tracks.

4.   Blue Rodeo: Underground (Greg Keelor / Jim Cuddy)
Outskirts: WEA / Risque Disque 25 471891
Toronto ON

Cleave Anderson: drums
Jim Cuddy: guitar, vocals
Bazil Donovan: bass
Greg Keelor: guitar, vocal
Bobby Wiseman: keys
Produced by Terry Brown, 1987
Recorded by Mike Jones and Paul Shubat at McClear Place Studios, Toronto
Mastered by Rob Ludwig at Masterdisk, NYC

This track features some really grooving solos by keyboard genius Bobby Wiseman which sound amazing, totally different than any other keyboard solo I’ve ever heard. It comes off their first album.

5.   Elliott Brood: Will They Bury Us (Elliott Brood)
Days Into Years: Paper Bag Records PAPER061LP
Toronto ON

Casey Laforet: guitar, bass pedals, lap steel, banjo, bass, mandolin, vocal
Mark Sasso: banjo, guitar, vocal, harmonica
Stephen Pitkin: drums, piano, vocal
Produced by Elliott Brood, 2013
Engineered by John Critchley, Elliott Brood and Ryan Fields
Recorded at Green Door Studio, Avening Town Hall and Parkside Drive Studios, Toronto
Mixed by John Critchley and Elliott Brood
Mastered by Ron Skinner at Headling North Mastering

Active Years from 2002 till the present day.

After moving from their hometown of Windsor, Ontario to Toronto, Mark Sasso and Casey Laforet got together with Stephen Pitkin to form The Brood. They released their first EP, recorded at home, in 2004. For “Days Into Years”, the band were mostly inspired by a visit to the Etaples Military Cemetery during a tour through France.

6.   Fludd: What An Animal! (Brian & Edmund Pilling)
From The Attic: Attic Records LAT 1027
Toronto ON

Jørn Andersen: drums
Gord Waszek: guitar, bg vocal, percussion
Doni Underhill: bass
Brian Pilling: guitar, lead & bg vocals
Ed Pilling: lead & bg vocals, harp, percussion
Produced by Adam Mitchell, Lee DeCarlo 1975
Recorded at Sound Quebec, Montreal
Compilation album produced by Brian Pilling, 1977

The Pretty Ones, formed by Ed Pilling and Greg Godovitz. The band was briefly part of Toronto's Yorkville scene in the 1960s, but broke up before achieving much commercial success. Pilling and his brother Brian then moved to Birmingham, England, where they formed a band called Wages of Sin and spent some time touring as a backing band for Cat Stevens in 1970, but returned to Toronto by the end of that year. Inspired by the then-emerging psychedelic blues rock sound of British acts such as Small Faces, they then reunited with Godovitz, and recruited drummer John Andersen and guitarist Mick Walsh to create Fludd.

Brian Pilling died of cancer on June 28, 1978
Biggest hit Cousin Mary, 1973

7.   Battered Wives: Daredevil (Jasper)
Battered Wives: Bomb Records 7028
Toronto ON

Toby Swann: guitars, vocals
John Gibb: guitars, vocals
Jasper: bass, vocals
Cleave Anderson: drums
Produced and Mixed by Phil Lubman and Battered Wives, 1978
Recorded by Mick Walsh at Phase One Studio, Toronto

This is one of the earlier examples of Cleave Anderson’s drumming. He would later join Blue Rodeo as their original drummer. Being a Letter Carrier didn’t help his musical career, in fact he ended up quitting Blue Rodeo because of it. He took retirement when he turned 55 and has since been heard playing for various different artists, David Celia being one of them.

8.   Goddo: Vampire Eyes (Greg Godovitz)
Pretty Bad Boys: Attic Records LAT 1120
Scarborough (Toronto) ON 

Greg Godovitz: bass, lead vocal
Doug Inglis: drums, vocal
Gino Scarpelli: guitars, vocals
George Semkiw: piano 
Produced by Thomas Morley-Turner and Bob Segarini, 1981
Recorded by Brian Mitchell, Bob Cobban and Dave Rose at Studio 306, Toronto
Mixed at Amber Studio, Toronto by George Semkiw, Ed Stone and Paul Bonish

Having been a member of successful Canadian band Fludd, Greg Godovitz decided that it was time to form his own band Goddo in 1975. He used Gino Scarpelli from Brutus and Doug Inglis. This was their best received album but due to financial difficulties, Attic Records dropped them.

9.   It’s All Meat: You Don’t Notice The Time You Waste (Ted MacKay / Rich McKim)
It's All Meat: Hallucination - HCD02
Richmond Hill, ON

Rick Aston: bass
Jed MacKay: keys
Rick McKim: drums
Wayne Roworth: rhythm and lead guitar
Chas White: lead guitar
Produced by Bill Misener, 1969
Recorded at RCA Studios, Toronto by Mark Smith
Originally released on Columbia Records ‎ELS-374
Digital Remastering: Bruce Ley, Toronto

Like Toronto’s Ugly Ducklings, It’s All Meat were another Stones clone band that gravitated towards the blues. They came out around the time that The Rock Pile and Electric Circus were happening in Toronto, enabling them to open up shows for major rock groups. They recorded two singles and an album before disintegrating a year later. I briefly played in a band (nameless) with Wayne Roworth in 1972.

10. The Band: Rags And Bones (Robbie Robertson)
Northern Lights – Southern Cross: Capitol Records – ST 11440
Toronto ON

Levon Helm: drums
Robbie Robertson: guitar
Richard Manuel: vocal, electric piano, conga
Rick Danko: vocal, bass
Garth Hudson: Lowrey organ, accordion, synths
Produced by The Band, 1975
Recorded by Rob Fraboni, Ed Anderson & Nat Jeffrey at Shangri-La Studio, Zuma Beach CA
Mixed by Robbie Robertson, Rick Danko, Garth Hudson, Rob Fraboni, Nat Jeffrey & Ed Anderson

Rag-and-bone man is a British phrase for a junk dealer.

11. Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers: Magnolia (Tom Petty)
You’re Gonna Get It!: Shelter Records 9309-52029
Gainsville FL

Tom Petty: guitars, harmonica, vocal, piano
Benmont Tench: keys
Stan Lynch: drums
Ron Blair: bass
Mike Campbell: guitars
Phil Seymour: bg vocal
Produced by Denny Cordell, Noah Shark and Tom Petty, 1978
Recorded and mixed by Noah Shark and Max Reese at Shelter Studio Hollywood

12. The Woodshed Orchestra & Friendly Rich: Leonard Cohen (Rich Marsella / Dave Clark)
45 rpm EP: The Leonard Cohen Sweet: Ind / No label or serial no.
Toronto ON

Bruce Mackinnon: baritone sax
Dave Clark: drums, lead vocal
Ed Reifel: pitched percussion
Gregory Oh: harpsichord, melodica
Henry Muth: recorders
Jay Burr: tuba
Julia Hambleton: clarinet
Matthew Fong: double bass
Philip Miles: electric guitar
Rich Marsella: classical guitar, lead vocals
Rebecca Hennessy: trumpet, lead vocals
Steve Ward: trombone
Tania Gill: synth, piano
Tom Richards: trombone
Nick Teehan: tenor sax, lead vocals
Produced by Rich Marsella and Dave Clark, 2018
Recorded and mixed at Wow! by Joe Lapinski, St. Catherines ON
Mastered by Fedge

A mini-LP with 5 songs on it by two bands – The Woodshed Orchestra and Friendly Rich – merging into one. Dave Clark is the composer of the 33.45.78 theme song. The original and current drummer of the Rheostatics!

Hour Two

1.   The Ceedees: He Plays Guitar (Curtis Driedger)
Hit The Ditch: Carrot Records CD-1-1980
Peterborough ON

Curtis Driedger: guitar, keys, vocals
Ed Dick: bass
Nick Kent: drums
Susan Newman: keys, vocal
Rob Fortin: guitar, vocal
Produced by The CeeDees, 1980
Recorded by Glen Johansen at Integrated Studios, Agincourt (Toronto) ON

For most of the 1980s, this band had a good following on the burgeoning Queen Street West music scene in Toronto. This was their only album although they did release a 5 song EP in 1985.  Nick Kent later went to play with Martha & The Muffins while Curtis Driedger did some work with Lost & Profound.

2.   A Foot In Cold Water: Play My Guitar (Paul Neumann)
Braking Through: Anthem Records – ANR 1-1008
Toronto ON

Alex Machin: vocals
Paul Neumann: guitars
Danny Taylor: drums
Hugh Leggat: bass
Produced by Paul Neumann & the band, 1977
Recorded by Mike Jones w Mark Grendel & Greg Marshall at Sounds Interchange, Toronto
Mastered by Joe Bresail at The Record Plant, NYC

A young Toronto band called The Lords of London had a 1967 bubble-gum pop hit with Cornflakes & Ice Cream. The band formed in North York in ‘65. By 1968 they got tired of being a teenybopper band and reformed as a blues/rock group called Nucleus. A Foot In Cold Water formed in 1971 from the remnants of Nucleus. They released 4 albums before petering out in 1978. Greg Fitzpatrick, the Nucleus & LOL bass player, is now living in Bay Roberts, NL.

3.   Paul Edward Royes: Rainbow Bar – Tribute To Lemmy (PE Royes)
Child Of The Sun: Message To Love PER001
Toronto ON

Paul Edward Royes: guitars, bass
Phil Naro: vocals
Jim Neilson: bass
Alexander Tukatsch: drums
Produced by Paul Edward Royes, 2019
Recorded at Message To Love Studios, Toronto
Mixed by Clifton David Broadbridge at El Mocambo Productions
Mastered by Joao Carvalho at Joao Carvalho Mastering, Toronto

A brand new album by a guy who’s been playing in bands for years, in all kinds of venues, but until now has failed to appear on a record. Until now! Here’s his tribute to Lemmy. Speaking of Lemmy…. Here’s a cut from the first Hawkwind album he appeared on in 1972.

4.   Hawkwind: Urban Guerilla (Dave Brock / Robert Calvert)
Doremi Fasol Latido: United Artists Records UA-LA001-F
London UK

Dave Brock: 6 and 12-string acoustic guitar, electric guitar, vocals
Nik Turner: saxophone, flute, vocals
Lemmy: bass guitar, acoustic guitar, vocals
Dik Mik (Michael Davies): Synthesizer
Del Dettmar: Synthesizer
Simon King: drums
Robert Calvert: vocals
Produced by Dave Brock & Del Dettmar, 1973
Recorded at Olympic Studios

Ian Fraser Kilmister b. 24 December 1945 in Stoke-on-Trent, UK / d. 28 December 2015 (70) Los Angeles

Space Rock specialists Hawkwind recorded three albums with Lemmy before sacking him after he suffered a drug bust in 1975 while trying to cross into Canada at the Windsor, Ontario border. (He served 5 days in jail and was released without charge). He once said:

"I did like being in Hawkwind, and I believe I'd still be playing with them today if I hadn't been kicked out. It was fun onstage, not so much offstage. They didn't want to mesh with me. But it was a great band.”

5.   Motörhead: Train Kept A Rollin’ (Howie Kay / Lois Mann / Tiny Bradshaw)
Motörhead: Attic Records CAT1109
London UK

Lemmy Kilmister: lead vocals, bass
"Fast" Eddie Clarke: guitar, backing vocals
Phil "Philthy Animal" Taylor: drums
Produced by John ‘Speedy’ Keen, 1977
Recorded by John Burns at Escape Studios, Kent, England
Mastered by Adam Skeaping

And as well all know, Lemmy end up forming Motörhead who were originally called The Bastards. After being informed that there were other Bastards out there, Lemmy renamed the band after a song he had written while still in Hawkwind. Producer, Speedy Keen, was the lead vocalist and songwriter for Thunderclap Newman. He also composed Armenia, City In The Sky for The Who.

6.   Dillard & Clark: Train Leaves Here This Morning (Bernie Leadon / Gene Clark)
The Fantastic Expedition of Dillard & Clark: A&M Records SP 4158

Gene Clark: guitar, vocal
Doug Dillard: banjo, fiddle, guitar
Beanie Leadon: banjo, guitar
David Jackson: double bass
Donald Beck: mandolin, dobro
Andrew Belling: electric harpsichord
Produced by Larry Marks, 1968
Recorded by Dick Bogert

7.   Chalk Circle: Trains (Chalk Circle)
The Great Lake: Duke Street Records DSR 41024
Newcastle ON

Chris Tait, guitars
Brad Hopkins, bass
Derrick Murphy, drums
Tad Winklarz, keys, sax
Chris Wardman, guitars
Produced by Chris Wardman, 1986
Recorded by Ron Searles and Paul Lachapelle at Manta Sound, Toronto
Mastered by Howie Weinberg at Masterdisk, NYC

Active 1982 - 1990
their 1986 debut release 6 song EP

8.   Stephen Fearing: The Things We Did (S Fearing / Tom Allen)
The Secret of Climbing: Rega Records ENS 004
Victoria, BC

Stephen Fearing: guitar, vocal
Produced by Roy Gandy, Gary Bennett and Stephen Fearing, 2018
Recorded on Analogue tape by Roy Gandy and Gary Bennett at Roy's Place, Essex
Vinyl Cutting by Ray Staff at AIR Studios, London
Pressed by Pallas Group GmbH

A fabulous, new record recorded for vinyl on analogue tape, no overdubs, live off the floor. The way things used to be. Just Stephen and his guitar! And believe me: he doesn’t need anyone else backing him up!

9.   The Four Lads: The Things We Did Last Summer (Sammy Kahn / Julie Styne)
On The Sunny Side: Columbia Records 360 Series CL 912
Toronto ON

Jimmy Arnold: lead vocal
Bernie Toorish: tenor vocal
Connie Codarini: bass vocal
Frank Busseri: baritone vocal
Claude Thornhill Orchestra
Produced and Arranged by Ray Ellis, 1956

The Four Lads had several million-selling signature tunes include "Moments to Remember," "Standing on the Corner and "Istanbul." The original quartet grew up together in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and were members of St. Michael's Choir School, where they learned to sing. In 1984, the Four Lads were inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame by the Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (CARAS). They were inducted into the Vocal Group Hall of Fame in 2003.

10. A Neon Rome: The Magical Summer of ’85 (A Neon Rome)
New Heroin: New Rose Records, ROSE111
Toronto ON

John Borra: bass
Neal Arbick: vocals
Kevin Nizel: guitar, piano
Bernard: synths
Ian Blurton: drums
Produced by A Neon Rome with Andrew St. George, 1986
Recorded by Andrew St. George at Comfort Sound Studios, Toronto

During the band's tour to promote New Heroin, singer Neil Arbic became increasingly disillusioned with the music industry, and began to rebel against the promotional demands of leading a band seemingly on the verge of stardom. He shaved his head, had a diet of almonds and raisins, failed to show up for shows, eventually took a vow of silence and he strictly refused to speak offstage.[2] Although the band completed recording of their 2nd album All the Children Are In, it was never released.

Producer Bruce McDonald's cult hit film Roadkill is a fictionalized version of A Neon Rome as "Children of Paradise", a band which disappeared on tour of Northern Ontario after its lead singer faced a similar existential crisis.

11. Tulpä: Rome Is Burning (Chris Bottomly)
Mosaic Fish: Midnight Music 00.10 5
Toronto ON

John Bottomley: guitar, vocal, keys
Chris Bottomley: bass, vocal, keys
Sev Mircon (Mike Severin): drums, vocal, keys
Produced by Tulpä, 1985
Recorded by Jeff McCulloch at Wellesley Studios, Toronto

Became a performing unit in 1984 as Private Lives but found out that an American band were also using that name: Became Tulpa as a result: Played in Toronto venues like Larry’s Hideaway, The Rivoli, Cabana Room of the Spadina Hotel, The Beverly Tavern and Lee’s Palace: After recording Mosaic Fish, they opened for acts like The Payolas and Tragically Hip: They also released a live record called “Off The Board: Live at CBGBs” in New York before breaking up in 1990. John Bottomley passed away April 6, 2011

12. The Eagles: Life In The Fast Lane (Walsh / Henley / Frey)
Hotel California: Asylum Records 7E-1084
Los Angeles CA

Joe Walsh: lead guitar
Don Henley: lead vocals, drums
Don Frey, guitar, clavinets
Don Felder: guitar, slide guitar
Randy Meisner: bass
Produced by Bill Szymczyk, 1976
Recorded by Bill Szymczyk, Allan Blazek, Ed Mashal & Bruce Hensal at Criteria Studios (Miami) and The Record Plant (Los Angeles)
Mixed by Bill Szymczyk at Miami
Mastered at Sterling Sound, New York

13. Bearfoot: Life Goes Too Fast (Terry Danko / James Atkinson)
Bearfoot: Columbia Records ES 90134
Toronto ON
Dwayne Ford (keyboards, guitar, vocals)
Terry Danko: bass, vocals
Jim Atkinson: guitar, vocals
Hugh Brockie: guitar, banjo
Brian Hilton (drums)
Produced by Lee CeCarle, 1973
Recorded at Manta Sound, Toronto
Mixed by Glen Speen

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