33.45.78 All Vinyl Radio Show
with Steve Fruitman
October 7, 2019
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Sentimental Value
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     Hour One

1.    Ringo Starr: Sentimental Journey (Les Brown / Ben Homer / Bud Green) 1970
2.   Fleetwood Mac: My Heartbeat Like A Hammer (Jeremy Spencer) 1968
3.   James Brown: Cold Sweat (James Brown / Alfred Ellis)  1967
4.   The Evaporators: Touch Wood (Evaporators) 2001 *
5.   Stompiní Tom Connors: My Hockey Mom (TC Connors) 2008 *
6.   Gordon Lightfoot: Alberta Bound (Gordon Lightfoot) 1972 *
7.   John Prine: Paradise (John Prine) 1970
8.   Stevedore Steve: Log Drive on the Pickerel (Stephen J Foote) 1972 *
9.   David Bradstreet: Renaissance (David Bradstreet) 1977 *
10. The Bachelors: Marie (Irving Berlin) 1965
11. Shirley Bassey: Goldfinger (Leslie Bricusse / Anthony Newley / John Barry) 1964
12. Nat King Cole: Rambliní Rose (Joe Sherman / Noel Sherman) 1962
13. The Beatles: Iíll Get You (Lennon / McCartney) 1963
14. The Beachboys: Help Me Rhonda (Brian Wilson / Mike Love) 1965
15. The Buckinghams: Donít You Care (G Beisher / J Holvay / J Guercio) 1967
16. The Who: Boris The Spider (John Entwistle) 1966
17. Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band: The Blimp (Don Van Vliet) 1969

Hour Two

1.   Pink Floyd: Astronomy Domine (Syd Barrett) 1967
2.   Ritchie Knight & The Midnights: Charlena (Manuel Chavez / Herman Chaney) 1963 *
3.   Roy Payne: Outlaw Heroes (Roy Payne) 1976 *
4.   David Clayton Thomas & The Shays: Take Me Back (G Fleming) 1965 *
5.   McKenna Mendelson Mainline: Beltmaker (Mendelson Joe) 1969 *
6.   Carl Perkins: Honey Donít (Carl Perkins) 1956
7.   Cream: Politician (Jack Bruce / Pete Brown) 1968
8.   Bruno Gerussiís Medallion: Gingerís Alright (Tom Harrison / Ron Hyslop) 1989 *
9.   Murray McLauchlan: Out Past The Timberline (Murray McLauchlan) 1983 *
10. Buffalo Springfield: Sit Down, I Think I Love You (Steve Stills) 1966
11. Selina Martin: The Spirit of the Radio (Lee / Lifeson / Peart) 2010 *
12. The Paupers: Magic People (Skip Prokop / Adam Mitchell) 1967 *
13. The Pogues: Bottle of Smoke (Shane MacGowan / Jem Finer) 1988
14. Ella Fitzgerald: Evíry Time We Say Goodbye (Cole Porter) 1956

CanCon = 42%

And Now for The Particulars:

Hour One

1.   Ringo Starr: Sentimental Journey (Les Brown / Ben Homer / Bud Green)
Sentimental Journey: Apple Records - SW 3365
Ringo Starr: vocals
George Martin Orchestra
Produced by George Martin, 1970
Recorded by Phillip McDonald at Abby Road Studios, London

After the Beatles split, Ringo wondered what he would do next. He decided to record songs that he grew up on, his familyís favourites so he asked his mom and dad what songs they would recommend. He went into Abby Road Studios with George Martin. The pub on the front cover was The Empress located near Starrís birthplace in Liverpool. George Harrison thought it was a great album but John Lennon told Rolling Stone mag that he was embarrassed by the record. Rolling Stone called it horrendous. Other reviews were similar in nature but Iíve always like it.

2.   Fleetwood Mac: My Heartbeat Like A Hammer (Jeremy Spencer)
Peter Greens Fleetwood Mac: Epic / Blue Horizon BN 26402
London UK
Peter Green, guitar
Jeremy Spencer, slide guitar, vocal
John McVie, bass
Mick Fleetwood, drums
Produced by Mike Vernon, 1968
Recorded at CBS Studios, London, November / December 1967

3.   James Brown: Cold Sweat (James Brown / Alfred Ellis)
30 Golden Hits: Polydor MIPD-2-9387
Atlanta GA
James Brown - lead vocal
Waymond Reed - trumpet
Joe Dupars - trumpet
Levi Rasbury - trombone
Alfred "Pee Wee" Ellis - alto saxophone
Maceo Parker - tenor saxophone
Eldee Williams - tenor saxophone
St. Clair Pinckney - baritone saxophone
Jimmy Nolen - guitar
Alphonso "Country" Kellum - guitar
Bernard Odum - bass
Clyde Stubblefield - drums
Produced by James Brown & Jerry Wexler, 1967
Recorded at King Studios, Cincinnati OH

James Joseph Brown (b. Toccoa GA May 3, 1933 / d. Atlanta CA December 25, 2006

In 1967 I auditioned to play drums with a band Geddy Lee was putting together with a guy who lived across the street from me: Jeff Halpert. They gave me some interesting records to learn: Spencer Davis, Sam & Dave and James Brown. This song gave me the biggest headache to learn coz it was so strange. Whereís the groove at? Itís there but hard to figure out. Geddy and I later went to a James Brown show at Torontoís Maple Leaf Gardens (April 7, 1968) where I realized that Brown utilized the services of two drummers!

Clyde Stubblefield is best known for playing drums with James Brownís orchestra. His recordings with them (from 1965) are considered to be some of the standard-bearers for funk drumming. The band had two drummers: Stubblefield and John "Jabo" Starks. The two drummers had no formal training. According to Stubblefield, "We just played what we wanted to play... We just put down what we thought it should be."  His rhythm pattern on James Brown's "Funky Drummer" is among the world's most sampled musical segments. It has been used for decades by hip-hop groups

In 2013 Stubblefield and Starks received the Yamaha Legacy Award
In 2014 Stubblefield was named the second best drummer of all time by LA Weekly. A set of Stubblefield's autographed drum-sticks are in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

4.   The Evaporators: Touch Wood (Evaporators)
Honk The Horn EP: NardWuar Records Cleo II / Mint Records MRS048
Vancouver BC
John Collins: bass, guitar, organ, percussion
Scott Livingstone: drums
Nardwuar the Human Serviette aka John Ruskin: organ, vocal
David Carswell: guitar, vocals
Produced by The Evaporators, 2001
Recorded at JC/DC studios by John Collins & David Carswell

Formed in 1986 in Vancouver, their latest album, Ogopogo Punk, was released last year, 2016. Lead by eccentric local DJ Nardwuar The Human Serviette (aka John Ruskin b. Vancouver July 5, 1968) who was recently honoured by the Mayor of Vancouver who proclaimed September 29, 2019 as Nardwuar Day.

5.   Stompiní Tom Connors: My Hockey Mom (TC Connors)
The Ballad of Stompin' Tom: EMI Canada - 5 099924 277921
Halton Hills ON
Tom Connors: guitar, vocals, stompiní
Tim Hadley: bass
Charley Roussy: drums
Billy MacInnis: fiddle, piano, mandolin
Ad Widmeyer: guitar, banjo, mandolin
Chris Whiteley: harmonica
Produced by Dr. Tom C Connors, 2008
Mastered by Ted Carson at MusicLane, Uxbridge ON

This song was recorded twice by Stompiní Tom, first appearing on the album Hockey Mom Tribute in 2004 and re-recorded for his 2008 Ballad of Stompiní Tom album which was released on vinyl. This is a CD version of the song since I framed my vinyl album and hung it on the wall, still sealed!

6.   Gordon Lightfoot: Alberta Bound (Gordon Lightfoot)
Don Quixote: Reprise - 2056
Toronto, ON
Gordon Lightfoot - 6- & 12-string guitar
Red Shea - hi-string guitar, classical guitar, dobro
Terry Clements - lead acoustic guitar
Rick Haynes - bass
Ry Cooder Ė mandolin
Produced by Lenny Waronker, 1972
Recorded and Mixed and Mastered by Lee Herschberg at Amigo Studios in North Hollywood

b. November 17, 1938 (age 78 years), Orillia ON

On February 13, 1988, Lightfoot performed "Alberta Bound" in McMahon Stadium during the Opening Ceremonies for the 1988 Winter Olympics held in Calgary, Alberta.

7.   John Prine: Paradise (John Prine)
John Prine: Atlantic Records SD 8296
Maywood, Illinois
John Prine: guitar, vocals
Reggie Young: lead guitar
Leo LeBlanc: pedal steel
John Christopher: guitar
Bobby Emmons: organ
Bobby Wood, piano
Gene Chrisman: drums
Bishop Heywood: percussion
Steve Goodman: guitar, harmony vocals
Dave Prine: fiddle
Neil Rosengarden: bass
Produced by Arif Mardin, 1971
Recorded by Dale Smith at A&R Studios, NYC

8.   Stevedore Steve: Log Drive on the Pickerel (Stephen J Foote)
Hard Workin' Men - Boot Records BOS 7102
Saint John, NB
Steve Foote: guitar, vocals
Others not listed
Produced by Jury Krytiuk, 1971
Recorded at RCA Limited Studio, Toronto
Recording & Mixing Engineer: George Semkiw
Recording Technician: "Cub" Richardson

9.   David Bradstreet: Renaissance (David Bradstreet)
David Bradstreet: Universal / A&M - SP-9026
Toronto, ON
Dave Bradstreet: acoustic guitar, vocal
Carl Keesee: bass, bg vocal
Jerry Marotta: drums
Bob Mann: electric guitar
Lance Quinn: electric guitar
Peter Phillips: piano, organ
Don Oriolo: bg vocal
Produced by Don Oriolo, 1977
Recorded by Ed Stasium with John Hazen at Phase 1 Studios, Toronto
Mixed by Ed Stasium and Don Oriolo
Mastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound, New York City

10. The Bachelors: Marie (Irving Berlin)
Marie: London Records LL 3455 mono
Dublin IR
Con and Dec Cluskey: Guitar, keyboards, banjo, ukulele, harmonica
John Stokes: Bass, harmonica
Produced 1965

11. Shirley Bassey: Goldfinger (Leslie Bricusse / Anthony Newley / John Barry)
45 single bw Strange How Love Can Be: United Artists UA 790
Cardiff Wales
Shirley Bassey: vocals
John Barry Orchestra
Produced by George Martin, 1964
Recorded at EMI Studios, London

Anthony Newley b. London Sept 24, 1931 / d. April 14, 1999 Jensen Beach FL

2008 Goldfinger theme was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame. Written by a team lead by Anthony Newley, who was a pop star in his own right. Had a series of hits in the UK like ďWhat Kind Of Fool Am IĒ, ďPop Goes The WeaselĒ as well as a successful acting career.

12. Nat King Cole: Rambliní Rose (Joe Sherman / Noel Sherman)
45 single bw The Good Times: Capitol Records CL-15270
Montgomery Alabama
Nat King Cole: vocals
Belford Hendricks Orchestra
Produced 1962

13. The Beatles: Iíll Get You (Lennon / McCartney)
45 single bw She Loves You: Capitol Records Canada 72125
Liverpool UK
John Lennon - lead vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica
Paul McCartney - lead vocals, bass
George Harrison - harmony vocal, electric guitar
Ringo Starr - drums
Produced by George Martin, 1963
Recorded on 1 July 1963 at Abby Road EMI Studios, London

This was the first record I ever bought, for 66 cents at Eatonís Yorkdale in Toronto probably around March, 1964. Actually, this song was the B-side for two Beatles' singles: She Loves You and its German counterpart, Sie Liebt Dich. One of the few Beatles songs without a lead guitar solo in it. It didn't appear on a Beatles album until the Rarities compilation of mostly B-sides was released in 1978.

14. The Beachboys: Help Me Rhonda (Brian Wilson / Mike Love)
45 Single bw Kiss Me Baby: Capitol Records 5395
Hawthorne CA
Brian Wilson: harmony and backing vocal, acoustic piano and Hammond B-3
Mike Love: harmony and backing vocals
Al Jardine: lead vocal
Carl Wilson: harmony and backing vocals; lead guitar
Dennis Wilson: harmony and backing vocals
Carol Kaye: bass guitar
Hal Blaine: drums
Produced by Brian Wilson, March 1965
Recorded at  United Western Recorders in Hollywood by Chuck Britz

15. The Buckinghams: Donít You Care (G Beisher / J Holvay / J Guercio)
Buckinghams (1966-70) Donít You Care: Columbia 4-44053
Chicago IL
Carl Giammarese (lead guitar and vocals)
Nick Fortuna (bass)
Dennis Miccolis (keyboards)
John Poulos (drums)
Dennis Tufano (vocals).
Marty Grebb (keys)
Produced by James William Guercio, 1967
Recorded at Columbia Studios, New York, NY

Their first big hit "Kind of a Drag" spent two weeks at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 in February 1967. It sold over one million copies, and was awarded a gold disc. Initially, the band were contracted to USA Records and recorded a dozen songs for them, most of which were released on singles but none of them caught on. The last song USA released was Kind of a Drag, a song the label disliked. Just after its release, The Buckinghams were released from their contract with USA with a major hit on their hands.

16. The Who: Boris The Spider (John Entwistle)
A Quick One / The Who Sell Out: Decca MCA2-4067
London UK
Roger Daltrey Vocals
John Entwistle Bass Guitar [Horns] and Vocals
Keith Moon Drums
Pete Townshend Guitar and Vocals
Produced by Kit Lambert, 1966

The first Who album, My Generation featured mostly Pete Townsend songs (with a couple of James Brown covers); the next Album, Happy Jack, was to be different. Itís the only Who album to feature songs by all members of the group. This was their Managementís way of getting song writing royalties for all four members of the band. John Entwistleís contributions were Boris The Spider and Whiskey Man.

17. Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band: The Blimp (Don Van Vliet)
Trout Mask Replica: Straight Records STS 1053
Los Angeles CA
Captain Beefheart: saxes
Zoot Rollo Horn: slide guitar, flute
Antennae Jimmy Semens: guitar
The Mascara Snake: bass clarinet, vocal
Rockette Morton: bass
Produced by Frank Zappa, 1969
Recorded by Dick Kunc August 1968 at Sunset Sound Recorders &  March 1969 at Whitney Studios, LA

You can hear Zappa (in the control room) talking

Hour Two

1.   Pink Floyd: Astronomy Domine (Syd Barrett)
Piper At The Gates Of Dawn: Capitol Canada / EMI - mono  T 6242
London / Cambridge UK
Syd Barrett: guitar, vocals
Roger Waters: bass
Nick Mason: drums
Rick Wright: keys 
Produced by Norman Smith, 1967
Recorded at Abby Road Studio 3 by Peter Brown

2.   Ritchie Knight & The Midnights: Charlena (Manuel Chavez / Herman Chaney)
45 single bw Youíve Got The Power: Arc Records Ė 1028
Toronto ON
Mike Brough, sax
Doug Chappel, bass
Richie Knight (Hubbard), vocal
Barry Stein, drums
George Simkiw, guitar
Barry Lloyd, piano
John McCanliss, guitar
Producer Not Listed, 1963

3.   Roy Payne: Outlaw Heroes (Roy Payne)
Outlaw Heroes: RCA Victor KXL1-0163
Trout River, NL / Mattawa ON
John Arpin, piano
Jack Zaza, bass, clarinet, sax, harp
Red Shea, Brian Russell, lead guitars
Alistair Morrison, Rhythm guitar
Bob Jucier, Al Brisco, steel, dobro
Laurie Bower Singers
Produced by Jack Feeney, 1976
Recorded by Hayward Parrott at RCAs Toronto Studios

4.   David Clayton Thomas & The Shays: Take Me Back (G Fleming) *
Back On The Street Again: Pickwick SPC-3245
Toronto ON
David Clayton-Thomas: vocals
Fred Keeler, lead guitar
Scott Richards, bass
John Netherell, drums
Ritchie Cates, rhythm guitar
Produced by Duff Roman, 1965
The Album Production not listed circa 1972

David Henry Thomsett b. 3 September 1941 Kingston upon Thames, Surrey UK

This LP is a joint LP: Side 1 DCT Side 2: Linda Ronstadt & Stone Poneys
Recorded several singles w Shays on Atca and Roman records.
Shays were together for about 3 yrs.

5.   McKenna Mendelson Mainline: Beltmaker (Mendelson Joe)
Stink: Liberty LBS 83251
Toronto, ON
Mike McKenna: electric guitar
Mendelson Joe: guitar, harmonica, vocals
Tony Nolasco: drums
Mike Harrison: bass
Produced by Liberty Records Staff
Recorded in London UK, June 11, 1969

Mike McKenna b. Toronto Apr 15, 1946

Originally struck by the guitar playing of Robbie Robertson when he was in Ronnie Hawkins band, McKenna got into Luke & The Apostles in 1965 and got to open up for The Grateful Dead and Jefferson Airplane at Torontoís OíKeefe Centre (now Sony Centre) in 1967. The band recorded a track for Elektra records but Luke Gibson quit the band to join new Toronto super group Kensington Market. McKenna was then briefly recruited by The Ugly Ducklings who were on the verge of breaking up. McKenna Mendelson Mainline followed. The current new Mojo Magazine (Nov 2019) features a track by The Apostles called Not Too Far, written by Mike. Heís still performing with the Apostles.

6.   Carl Perkins: Honey Donít (Carl Perkins)
Beatle Originals: Rhino Records RNLP 70071
Nashville TN
Carl Perkins: lead guitar and vocals
Jay Perkins: acoustic guitar and backing vocals
Clayton Perkins: standup bass
W. S. Holland: drums
Produced by Sam Phillips, 1956

Carl Lee Perkins b. April 9, 1932 Tiptonville, Tenn / d. January 19, 1998 (65) Jackson, Tenn

Originally released on January 1, 1956 as the B-side of the "Blue Suede Shoes". Obviously a major influence on The Beatles as they recorded several Carl Perkins tunes: Matchbox, Everybodyís Tryiní To Be My Baby, in fact, they recorded 11 different Perkins songs from their earliest beginnings.

7.   Cream: Politician (Jack Bruce / Pete Brown)
Heavy Cream: RSO 2671 102
London UK
Ginger Baker: drums
Jack Bruce: bass, keys
Eric Clapton, guitars
Produced by Felix Pappalardi and Robert Stigwood, 1972
Originally produced by Felix Pappalardi, 1968
Recorded by Bill Halverson, Adrian Barber, Tom Dowd, Damon Lyon-Shaw
Originally from the LP Wheels of Fire: 1968

Peter Edward ĎGingerí Baker b. Lewisham UK Aug 19, 1939 / d. Oct 6, 2019 (80)

Legendary drummer (Graham Bond Organization, Cream, Alexis Korner Blues Incorporated, The Hugh Rainey Allstars, Ginger Bakerís Air Force. Although he was famous in the Rock World, he hated being called a rock drummer; he claimed that he was two parts Jazz and one part Blues. No other drummer played like him.

He was hospitalized in September at which time his family issued a statement claiming that he was critically ill.

A huge inspiration for aspiring young drummers, Neil Peartís claims that ďhis playing was revolutionary, extrovert, primal and inventive. He set the bar for what rock drumming could be. Every rock drummer since has been influenced in some way by Ginger Ė even if they donít know it.Ē

8.   Bruno Gerussiís Medallion: Gingerís Alright (Tom Harrison / Ron Hyslop)
In Search of the Fourth Chord: WEA 25 64421
Vancouver BC
Jim Elliott, bass
Tom Harrison, percussion, vocals
Bruce Faulkner, drums
Ron Hyslop, guitar
Jimmy Walker, guitar, bass, keys
Produced by Ra McGuire, 1989
Recorded by Howard Rissin at Ocean Studios, Vancouver

Named after actor/ Bruno Gerussi (who played Nick Adonidas of the Beachcombers) who apparently approved of the bandís name  (b. Medicine Hat, Alberta 7 May 1928: d. Vancouver BC, 21 November 1995 of heart failure). Gerussiís own brief recording career peeked with  Bruno his hockey song, Signiní With The NHL (K Gilles / G Dunford) on Quality Records, 1978. Of course he starred in the successful CBC TV series The Beachcombers from 1972 to 1990. Tons of kids grew up watching that CBC show from Mollyís Reach.

Canadian rock group Bruno Gerussi's Medallion performed at the Beachcombers wrap party on 4 August 1990 at the Gibsons Curling Rink. On 21 November 1995, Bruno Gerussi died of a heart attack in Vancouver.

9.   Murray McLauchlan: Out Past The Timberline (Murray McLauchlan)
Timberline: True North Records TN56
Toronto ON
Murray McLauchlan: guitar, piano, vocals
Bucky Berger: drums
Terry Wilkins: bass
Produced by Murray McLauchlan and Gary Ledrew, 1983
Recorded by Vesi Tayyeb and Marcus Luppano at Kensington Sound Studios, Toronto

Murray Edward McLauchlan, CM (born June 30, 1948) Paisley, Scotland

In the late 1990s, McLauchlan was flying commercial airplanes as a "bush pilot" in Northern Canada. He has always been keen to write songs with Canadianisms in the lyrics, as in this one. For a time in the 70s, he was True North Recordsí best selling artist, eclipsing Bruce Cockburn for most of that decade.

10. Buffalo Springfield: Sit Down, I Think I Love You (Steve Stills)
Buffalo Springfield: Atco Records Mono 33-200-A
Los Angeles CA
Neil Young, guitar, lead vocal
Steve Stills, guitar
Richie Furay, guitar,
Dewey Martin, drums
Bruce Palmer, bass
Produced by Charles Greene & Brian Stone, 1966
Recorded July - September 1966 by Tom May, Doc Siegel, James Hilton, Stan Ross
Mixing: Buffalo Springfield, Charles Greene, Brian Stone

Written by Stephen Stills just before he formed the Springfield, it was included on their first album but unfortunately, Stills had by then sold his publishing rights and thus, received no royalties for it. It was recorded that same year by a San Francisco band called The Mojo Men (1965-69). Arranged by Van Dyke Parks, it became a massive hit for them. In fact, it was their only hit.

11. Selina Martin: The Spirit of the Radio (Lee / Lifeson / Peart)
Disaster Fantasies: SELMALP0008
Pakenham ON / Toronto ON
Selina Martin: vocals, guitars, bass, musical saw, wine glasses, organ
Chris Stringer: guitars, bass, synth, Wurlitzer, mini-moog, percussion
Annelise Noronha: guitars, accordion
Doug Friesen: bass, trombone
Josh Van Tassel: drums
Jack Breakfast: piano
Laura Barrett: kalimba
Produced by Chris Stringer, 2010
Recorded by Chris Stringer at The Lincoln County Social Club, Toronto
Mastered by Joao Carvalho at Joao Carvalho Mastering, Toronto

Selina Martin b. 1967

I love Selinaís version of this Rush song for very sentimental reasons. After moving to Toronto to attend University, she graduated and got into theater work. It was there she met Bob Wiseman and began playing in his band before recording her first record, Space Woman in 1998. Sheís worked with The Rheostatics, Justin Rutledge, Kurt Swinghammer and David Celia.

12. The Paupers: Magic People (Skip Prokop / Adam Mitchell)
Magic People: Verve Forecast - FTS 3026
Toronto, ON
Adam Mitchell, guitar, vocals
Skip Prokop, drums, vocals
Dennis Gerrard, bass
Chuck Beal. guitar
Produced by Rick Shorter, 1967
Recorded at Columbia Studios, New York City
Released July 1, 1967

Herbert Richard Shorter b. May 1, 1934 / d. Sept 1, 2017 (83) California

Was a singer/songwriter who wrote songs for Gene Pitney and Burl Ives. He wrote ďIf I Call You By Some NameĒ which was a hit for the struggling Toronto band ĎThe Paupersí. After producing a song called Copper Penny for The Paupers, it was decided that Shorter would be the producer for the bandís first album, Magic People.  His work producing The Paupers got him rave reviews in Hi-Fi Review magazine. He worked on a few other projects before returning to his Seventh Day Adventist faith in the 70s. He had a stroke in August 2017.

13. The Pogues: Bottle of Smoke  (Shane MacGowan / Jem Finer)
If I Should Fall From Grace With God: Island Records ISL 1175
London UK
James Fearnley accordion, piano, mandolin, dulcimer, guitar, cello, percussion
Terry Woods cittern lute, concertina, strings, banjo, dulcimer, guitar, vocals
Shane MacGowan vocals, guitar
Spider Stacy tin whistle, vocals
Jem Finer banjo, saxophone
Andrew Ranken drums, vocals
Philip Chevron guitar, mandolin
Darryl Hunt bass, percussion, vocals
Additional personnel:
Ron Kavana banjo, spoons, mandolin
Siobhan Sheahan harp
Brian Clarke alto saxophone
Joe Cashman tenor saxophone
Paul Taylor trombone
Chris Lee trumpet
Eli Thompson trumpet
Produced by Steve Lillywhite, 1988
Recorded by Chris Dickie, Roy Spong & Nick Lacey at RAK Studios, London 1987

A song about a race horse!

14. Ella Fitzgerald: Evíry Time We Say Goodbye (Cole Porter)
Ella Fitzgerald Sings The Cole Porter song Book: Verve
Beverly Hills CA
Ella Fitzgerald: vocal
Buddy Bregman Orchestra
Produced by Norman Ganz
Recorded Feb to March 1956

Written by Cole Porter in 1944 and first recorded by Ella Fitzgerald in 1956 on her album of Cole Porter songs. The album was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 2000. It was added to the Library of Congressí National Recording Registry in 2003. After it was recorded, Norman Ganz took the album to Porterís suit at the Waldorf-Astoria and played it for him. Porterís reaction: ďMy, what marvelous diction that girl has.Ē

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