33.45.78 All Vinyl Radio Show
with Steve Fruitman
September 30, 2019
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Come On, Let's Go
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     Hour One

1.   The McCoys: Come On Letís Go (Ritchie Valens) 1965
2.   The Rolling Stones: Time Is On My Side (Norman Meade) 1964
3.   Rick & The Romans: Iím Alive (Clint Ballard Jr) 1967 *
4.   Iron Butterfly: Most Anything You Want (Doug Ingle) 1968
5.   Stevie Wonder: Sir Duke (Stevie Wonder) 1976
6.   Laura Vinson & Red Wyng: Waitiní For The Weekend (S MacDougall / Laura Vinson) 1982 *
7.   Nine-Teen Seventy-Seven: The Otherside (Julie Kendall) 2009 *
8.   The Oh Sees: C (Oh Sees) 2018
9.   Lori Yates: Loverís Jamboree (Nick Lowe / Paul Carrack) 1989 *
10. Mothers of Invention: White Port Lemon Juice (Four Deuces) 1969
11. UB40: Folitition (UB40) 1982
12. Troyka: Rolling Down The Back Road (Troyka) 1970 *
13. The Sex Pistols: Substitute (Pete Townsend) 1976
14. Queen: Sheer Heart Attack (Roger Taylor) 1977

Hour 2

1.   Sam Cook: Having A Party (Sam Cooke) 1962
2.   Incredible Bongo Band: Bongo Rock (Preston Epps / Art Laboe) 1972 *
3.   Blue Rodeo: Youíre Everywhere (Greg Keelor / Jim Cuddy) 1990 *
4.   Hank Davis: One Way Track (H. Davis) 1960 *
5.   Grateful Dead: Friend of the Devil (Robert Hunter / Jerry Garcia /  John Dawson) 1970
6.   Perth County Conspiracy: Donít You Feel Fine (Richard Keelan) 1970 *
7.   The Jitters: Hard As Nails (Blair Packham) 1987 *
8.   The Kinks: Complicated Life (Ray Davies) 1971
9.   The Haunted: Vapeur  Mauve (Jimi Hendrix) 1969 *
10. Judy Garland: Over The Rainbow (Harburg / Arlen) 1939
11. Alice Cooper: Laughing At Me (Alice Cooper) 1969
12. Steve Earle: Johnny Come Lately (Steve Earle) 1988
13. The Fentons: Shadow Play (Rory Gallagher) 1988 *
14. Sergio Mendez & Brazil í66: Fool On The Hill (Lennon / McCartney)  1968

CanCon = 43%

And Now for The Particulars:

Hour One

1.   The McCoys: Come On Letís Go (Ritchie Valens)
45 Single: Bang Records 516
Union City, Indiana
Rick Zehringer: guitar
Randy Zehringer: drums
Randy Jo Hobbs: bass
Robby Peterson: keys
Produced by Feldman, Goldstein & Gottahrer: 1965

Originally called Rick and the Raiders, these guys got their name from the B side of a Ventures single Walk, Donít Run that was called The McCoy. They had three major hit songs: Hang On Sloopy, Fever, and Come On Letís Go. Three members of the band backed Johnny Winter for a few years, beginning in 1970. (Rick Zehringer changed his name to Derringer).

2.   The Rolling Stones: Time Is On My Side (Jerry Ragovoy  aka Norman Meade)
Big Hits (Hight Tide and Green Grass): London Records NPS 1
London UK
Mick Jagger: lead vocals, tambourine
Keith Richards: lead guitar, backing vocals
Brian Jones: rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Bill Wyman: bass guitar, backing vocals
Charlie Watts: drums
Ian Stewart: Vox Continental organ
Produced by Andrew Loog Oldham, 1964
Recorded at Chess Studios,  Chicago on November 8, 1964
Compilation Album produced, 1966

First recorded by jazz trombonist Kai Winding and his Orchestra in 1963, it was covered (with additional lyrics by Jimmy Norman) by both soul singer Irma Thomas and the Rolling Stones in 1964. The Stones recorded it twice: the British release was recorded in the UK June 1964 featuring an organ intro. This version was recorded when the Stones were in Chicago, at Chess Studios in November, 1964. This was one of two songs The Stones performed on their first Ed Sullivan Show appearance, October 25, 1964. The other was "Around And Around," a Chuck Berry cover.

3.   Rick & The Romans: Iím Alive (Clint Ballard Jr)
Rock & Roll comes to Newfoundland & Labrador: Three Blind Mice Music: no serial
Conception Bay NL
Rick Parsons: vocal
Leo Morrissey
Roy Hender
Dave Hillier
Produced 1966
Reproduced by Wayne Sturge: 2007
Originally released on 45 Independent ST 61 bw Greenfields

Rick & The Romans, who had been playing on the Newfoundland music scene for some time, decided that it was time to make a record. The problem was that they were low on financial resources. So what they did was pack up their van and head to Ontario where they found jobs picking tobacco, eventually arriving at Arc Records Studio where they realized they only had enough money for two hours of recording time. They only managed to get these two songs down on tape before time ran out.

4.   Iron Butterfly: Most Anything You Want (Doug Ingle)
In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida: Atco Records SD 33-250
San Diego CA
Erik Brann: guitars, vocals
Ron Bushy: drums, percussion
Lee Dorman: bass guitar, backing vocals
Doug Ingle: Vox Continental organ, vocals
Produced by Jim Hilton, 1968
Recorded at Gold Star Studios, Hollywood & Ultra-Sonic Studios, Hempstead UK
Recorded by Don Casale and Mixed by Bill Cooper
Released June 14, 1968

The band formed in 1966 and had an unstable line-up until the release of this, their second LP in í68. The success of In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida (selling over 30 million copies) meant better gigs, more touring. The band had been booked to play at Woodstock in August 1969, but got stuck at LaGuardia Airport. Their subsequent recordings tried to capitalize on the success of In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida and although Ball, their 3rd album did rather well, they never got back to the garden. After being hit for not paying their taxes, the band decided to call it a day in 1971.

5.   Stevie Wonder: Sir Duke (Stevie Wonder)
Songs in the Key of Life: Tamla T13 34062
Saginaw MI
Stevie Wonder: lead vocals, Fender Rhodes, percussion
Raymond Pounds: drums
Nathan Watts: bass
Mike Sembello: lead guitar
Ben Bridges: rhythm guitar
Hank Redd: alto sax
Raymond Maldonado: trumpet
Trevor Lawrence: tenor sax
Steve Madaio: trumpet
Produced by Stevie Wonder, 1976
Recorded by John Fishbach and Gary Olazabal at Crazy Industries, Hollywood, The Hit Factory, NYC, The Record Plant, Sausalito
Mastered by Andrew Berliner and Jeff Sanders at Crystal Industries, Hollywood

Released as a single in 1977, Sir Duke topped the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 and Black Singles charts, and reached number two in the UK Singles Chart, his joint biggest hit there at the time. The song was written in tribute to Duke Ellington, who had died in 1974.

Songs in the Key of Life is the eighteenth album by Stevie Wonder. The double album became the best-selling and most critically acclaimed album of Wonder's career. In 2005, it was inducted into the National Recording Registry by the Library of Congress, which deemed it "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant."

6.   Laura Vinson & Red Wyng: Waitiní For The Weekend (S MacDougall / Laura Vinson)
45 single bw Broken Hearted Melody: Royalty Records: RT 1000 117
Edmonton AB
Laura Vinson: guitar, vocal
Mike Musson: Fiddle, vocals
George Hauser:Bass, vocals
Randy Cross: Drums, vocals
Harry Lent
Jim Hathaway
Wayne Saunders
Stewart McDougall
Frank Walls: Guitars, vocals
Produced by R Harlan Smith & Red Wyng: 1982

Laura Vinson b. Edmonton AB, May 23, 1947

After performing in and around Edmonton in the late 1969s, Laura Vinson begat her own band, Red Wyng, in 1973. The band stayed together for 16 years, appearing on the Tommy Hunter Show and opening for June Carter and Johnny Cash in 1981.

7.   Nine-Teen Seventy-Seven: The Otherside (Julie Kendall)
Nineteen Seventy-Seven: JK001
Port Credit, ON
Julie Kendall: keys, vocals
Brent Hough: guitar, bass
Jordan Bruce: drums
Produced by Julie Kendall & Brent Hough, 2009
Recorded by them in their apartment, winter 2007
Mixed at Gay Studio, Parkdale by Alphonse Lanza
Mastered by Noah Mintz at The Lacquer Channel, Toronto

The band formed by wife and husband team of Julie Kendall and Brent Hugh in 2004. This album came out in 2009 and was nominated for a Juno Adult Alternative Album of the Year in 2010. Iím not too sure exactly when they put the vinyl out but Iím glad they did.

8.   The Oh Sees: C (Oh Sees)
Mojo Magazine free flexi-disc: Mojo August 2018
San Francisco CA
John Dwyer: guitar
Tim Hellman: bass
Dan Rincon: drums
Paul Quattrone: drums
Produced by John Dwyer, Eric Bauer and Enrique Tena Padilla, 2018

A track taken from their album ĎSmote Reverserí, which was released August 17, 2018. It was their 21st album since 2003! The version I have came out on a flexi-disc in the August 2018 edition of Mojo Magazine. And it sounds mighty fine!

9.   Lori Yates: Loverís Jamboree (Nick Lowe / Paul Carrack)
Canít Stop The Girl: Columbia Records 44278
Oshawa ON
Eddie Bayers
Wendy Waldman
Steve Givson
Harry Stinson
Paddy OCorcoran
Tom Robb
Albert Lee
Mark Casstevens
Randy McCormick
Mark OConno: violin
Paul Franklin
Colleen Peterson
Roy Huskey
Mike Noble
Ferrell Morris
Randy Leroy
Produced by Steve Buckingham, 1989
Recorded by Joe Bogan & Marshall Morgan
Mixed by Marshall Morgan
Mastered by Denny Purcell at Georgetown Masters, Nashville TN

10. Mothers of Invention: White Port Lemon Juice (The Four Deuces)
Burnt Weeny Sandwich: Bizarre Records / Reprise Records RS 6370
Los Angeles CA
Frank Zappa: organ, guitar, vocals
Jimmy Carl Black: percussion, drums
Roy Estrada ĖPachuco rap
Janet Ferguson: backing vocals
Bunk Gardner: horn, wind
Buzz Gardner: trumpet
Lowell George: guitar, vocals
Don Preston: bass, piano, keyboards
Jim Sherwood: guitar, vocals, wind
Art Tripp: drums, percussion
Ian Underwood: guitar, piano, keyboards, wind
John Balkin: bass
Produced by Frank Zappa, 1970
Recorded by Dick Kunc August 1967- July 1969
Released February 9, 1970

The Four Deuces were an American rhythm and blues vocal quartet, formed in the mid-1950s in Salinas, California. The band was started by lead singer Luther McDaniel, and recorded several songs before they broke up in 1959. While active, the Four Deuces had moderate but short-lived popularity in 1956, mainly along the West Coast, mostly due to the frequent radio airplay of their hit song, "W-P-L-J." which obviously hit the ears of a young Francis Vincent Zappa. Zappa has conceded, admiringly, that he could not have written a song any more absurd. They only released three singles before disbanding.

11. UB40: Folitition (UB40)
45 single: DEP International: 7DEP3 New Claims / ATV
Birmingham UK
Astro: vocal, trumpet
Jim Brown: vocal, drums
Ali Campbell: lead vocal, guitar
Robin Campbell: vocal, guitar
Earl Falconer: bass
Norman Hassan: trombone, synth-drums
Brian Travers: alto tenor sax
Michael Virtue: keys
Produced by UB40 and Ray Falconer, 1982
Recorded at Music Center, Wembley by Pete Wandless and Neil Black

12. Troyka: Rolling Down The Back Road (Troyka)
Troyka: Cotillion Records SD 9020
Edmonton AB
Mike Richards: lead vocal, drums
Robert Edwards: guitar, mandolin, vocal
Rumor Lukawietsky: bass, vocals
Produced by Shel Kagan & Troyka, 1970
Recorded at Round Sound, Edmonton by Ted Richards

Starting out in Edmonton when they were teens in the early 60s, calling themselves The Ortegas and then The Royal Family, cutting a couple of singles in 1965, the band continually tried to re-invent themselves. They were one of the first Alberta bands to play Acid-Rock which meant no time for pop singles. Looking for a new name, they moved to Montreal in 1967 and called themselves Troyka (a three-wheeled horse carriage) since all three members had a Slavic heritage. After this album was released, they toured relentlessly through the States, opening for The Byrds, Blue Cheer, Savoy Brown, Canned Heat and Mountain. Their last show was at The Electric Circus in Toronto, 1970.

13. The Sex Pistols: Substitute (Pete Townsend)
The Great Rock ĎNí Roll Swindle: Virgin Records VD2510
London UK
Johnny Rotten: lead vocals
Steve Jones: guitar, backing vocals
Glen Matlock: bass, backing vocals
Paul Cook: drums
Produced by Cook, Jones, Goodman, Thraves, 1976, 1979
Soundtrack album produced 1979

This is the soundtrack to the Pistolsí film The Great Rock ĎNí Roll Swindle which was released after John Lyndon (Rotten) had left the band. They used his vocals from a 1976 demo and re-recorded the music tracks.

14. Queen: Sheer Heart Attack (Roger Taylor)
News of the World: Elektra Records: 6E 112
London UK
Freddie Mercury: lead vocals and backing vocals
Brian May: lead guitar
Roger Taylor: lead vocals and backing vocals, drums, rhythm guitar, bass
Produced by Queen with Mike Stone, 1977
Recorded by Mike Stone at Basing Street and Wessex Studios

Interestingly, this song was written for the 1974 album by Queen called Sheer Heart Attack but it didnít make the final cut because it never got finished. Re-written by Roger Taylor, it came out three years later on their News of the World album.

Hour 2

1.   Sam Cook: Having A Party  (Sam Cooke)
20 Greatest Hits: TeeVee Records: TA-1964
Clarksdale, MS
Sam Cooke: vocal
Lou Rawls: backing vocals
Clifton White: guitar
Tommy Tedesco: guitar
René Hall: guitar
Adolphus Asbrook: bass guitar
Ray Pohlman: bass guitar
Ernie Freeman: piano
Frank Capp: drums, percussion
William Green: saxophone
Armand Kaproff: cello
Wilbert Nuttycombe: viola
Irving Weinper: viola
Myron Sandler: violin
Joseph Saxon: violin
Ralph Schaeffer: violin
Marshall Sosson: violin
Elliot Fisher: violin
Marvin Limonick: violin
Cecil Figelski: cello
Produced by Hugo Piretti  & Luigi Creatore: 1962
Recorded on April 26, 1962 at RCA Studio 1 by  Al Schmitt

Samuel Cooke b. Clarksdale, Mississippi, January 22, 1931 / d. December 11, 1964 (33) LA

Interesting to note that Lou Rawls backed Cooke up on bg vocals on this track from 1962.

2.   Incredible Bongo Band: Bongo Rock (Preston Epps / Art Laboe)
45 single bw Bongolia: MGM Records K-14588
Michael Viner, bass, bongos
Mike Melvoin: keyboards
Joe Sample: piano
Robbie King: organ
Mike Deasy: guitar
Dean Parks: guitar
David T. Walker: guitar
Bobbye Hall: percussion
Ed Greene: drums
Kat Hendrikse: drums
Wilton Felder: bass
Jerry Scheff: bass
Glen Campbell, guitar
Hal Blaine, drums
Steve Douglas: saxophone, arranger
Produced by Michael Viner, 1972
Recorded the song at Can-Base Studios in Vancouver
John Lennon, Harry Nilsson, & Don Coster, mixing and arranging

Also known as Michael Viner's Incredible Bongo Band

This was never an actual band. Once the product had been finally released, a fake band was assembled and photographed. Viner was called on to supplement the soundtrack to the B-film The Thing With Two Heads. The instrumental "Bongo Rock", co-written by Art Laboe and Preston was a Top 40 hit in 1959. This version was recorded in Vancouver to take advantage of the new CanCon rules.

3.   Blue Rodeo: Youíre Everywhere  (Greg Keelor / Jim Cuddy)
Casino: WEA 17 27701
Toronto ON
Greg Keelor: guitar, vocals
Jim Cuddy: guitar, vocals
Bazil Donovan: bass
Mark French: drums
Bob Wiseman:keys, accordion
Produced by Pete Anderson 1990
Recorded by Judy Clapp & Peter Doell at Capitol Studios, Hollywood & Track Record Studios, N Hollywood
Mixed at Capitol Studios by Judy Clapp
Mastered by Stephen Marcussen at Precision Lacquer

4.   Hank Davis: One Way Track (H. Davis)
Single: STACY 919X
Dry Heave AK / Montreal QC
Hank Davis: vocal, guitar
Produced 1960

Born and raised in the heart of Arkansas in a place where confederate money was used until the 1950s. In early 1955 Elvis Presley played the Dixie Bar 'n' Grill in Dry Heave and Hank Davis was in the audience. He noticed that the girls went crazy for Elvis and he decided to become a rock & roll star that evening. In 1956 Hank and his group went to Memphis and auditioned for Sun Records. After nearly two years they had heard nothing so they called the studio and were told, "I think we lost the tape." Later that night, Hank was so dispirited that he resolved to get a bus back to Dry Heave and work in his father's store. He got drunk near the bus terminal, however, and boarded a bus to Canada by mistake. He arrived hungover in Montreal the next day with no money for the return fare. He still had his guitar, however, and he got a Job playing at a local club, Le Mangeur de Merde (The Shit Eater).

Hank soon decided to make his home in Canada. His wild pulsating brand of rockabilly was an instant success. In 1963, while playing the Dead Moose Bar in Northern Ontario, they were spotted by Ed Sullivan who booked Hank for three appearances on his TV show. Unfortunately, a heavy snow fall and lack of gas money delayed to boys' arrival in New York by two months and an English group had taken Hank's bookings. The group was the Beatles and Hank had crossed paths with the famous once again. The Beatles were always grateful for this lucky break. "if Hank Davis hadn't got stuck in the snow," recalled John Lennon, "we would never have made it in the States."

RIP Robert Hunter

5.   Grateful Dead: Friend of the Devil (Robert Hunter / Jerry Garcia / John Dawson)
American Beauty: Warner Bros Records ?(UK) Y8K8 46074
San Francisco CA
Jerry Garcia: guitar, pedal steel, piano, vocals
Mickey Hart: percussion
Robert Hunter: lyrics
Bill Kreutzmann: drums
Phil Lesh: bass guitar, guitar, piano, vocals
Pigpen (Ron McKernan): harmonica, vocals
Bob Weir: guitar, vocals
David Grisman: mandolin
Produced by The Grateful Dead, 1970

Robert C Hunter b. Robert Burns Arroyo Grande CA June 23, 1941 / d. September 23, 2019 (78) San Rafael, CA

Hunter was an American lyricist, singer-songwriter, translator, and poet who was recruited by Jerry Garcia of The Grateful Dead to compose lyrics for the bandís songs. Although he wasnít a musician, he was considered to be a full fledged member of the Dead and was inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame in 1994, and is the only non-performer to ever be inducted as a member of a band. During his career, he co-wrote songs with Bob  Dylan, Bruce Hornsby and Elvis Costello.

6.   Perth County Conspiracy: Donít You Feel Fine (Richard Keelan)
The Perth County Conspiracy Does Not Exist: Columbia Records: ELS 375
Stratford ON
Cedric Smith: guitar, vocal
Richard Keelan: guitar, vocal
Michael Butler: bass
Terry Jones: guitar, vocal
George Taros: piano, vocal
Produced by John Williams and Perth Earth Ltd 1970

7.   The Jitters: Hard As Nails (Blair Packham)
The Jitters: EMI  Capitol  CLT 48126
Toronto ON
Blair Packham: lead vocal, guitar
Danny Levy: lead guitar
Matthew Greenberg: bass
Vic DíArsie: keys
Randy Cooke: drums
Produced by Paul Gross  1987
Recorded by Joe Primeau at Phase One Studio, Toronto
Mastered by Bob Ludwig at Masterdisk, NYC
8.   The Kinks: Complicated Life (Ray Davies)
Muswell Hillbillies: RCA Victor: LSP-4644
Muswell Hill, London UK
Ray Davies: guitar, vocal
Dave Davies: lead guitar
John Dalton: bass
Mick Avory: drums
Produced by Ray Davies 1971
Recorded by Mike Babak & Roger Quested at Morgan Studos, London

9.   The Haunted: Vapeur Mauve (Jimi Hendrix)
45 single bw Talk Talk: Marquee XII/Trans World: 7001
Montreal QC
Bob Burgess (lead vocals)
Pierre Faubert (guitar)
Glen Holmes (bass)
Jurgen Peter (guitar)
Peter Symes (drums)
Produced by The Haunted, 1969

Purple Haze was a potent strain of American pot at the time.
This Montreal based band credited the song to (Jimi Hendricks)

10. Judy Garland: Over The Rainbow (Yip Harburg / Harold Arlen)
Over The Rainbow: Pickwick/33 Records: SPC-3078
Grand Rapids MN
Judy Garland: vocal
Arranged by Murray Cutter
Produced 1939
Compilation LP produced 1967
Recorded on the MGM Soundstage, Hollywood CA

Frances Ethel Gumm b. June 10, 1922 Grand Rapids, MN / d. London UK June 22, 1969 (47)

Originally recorded for The Wizard of Oz on October 7, 1938, the song was re-recorded for commercial release in September, 1939 after the release of the film. The original movie soundtrack was not released until 1956 to coincide with the television premiere of The Wizard of Oz.

Judy Garland began performing on the Vaudeville circuit with her two siblings as The Gumm Sisters but suffering  jokes of their name they changed it to the Garland Sisters in 1934. Judy was selected in a 1935 audition with MGM for a screen test which eventually lead her to the lead roll in The Wizard of Oz.

11. Alice Cooper: Laughing At Me (Alice Cooper)
Easy Action: Straight / Warner Brothers Records WS 1845
Phoenix AR
Alice Cooper: vocals
Neal Smith: drums
Dennis Dunaway: bass
Glen Buxton: lead guitar
Mike Bruce: rhythm, keys
Produced by David Briggs, 1970
Recorded at Sunwest Studios, Hkollywood CA by Barry Keene

Alice Cooper (born Vincent Damon Furnier; February 4, 1948, Detroit Michigan)

Alice Cooper formed in Phoenix back in 1964 when they called themselves The Spiders which they changed to Nazz after moving to Los Angeles. Because Todd Rundgrenís band was already called the Nazz, they had to change their name once again. They chose the name "Alice Cooper" largely because it sounded innocuous and wholesome, in humorous contrast to the band's image and music. Later, for legal ownership reasons, Furnier officially changed his name to Alice Cooper, a move he now claims was the best one he ever made.
From the bandís second album, associated with Frank Zappaís Straight Records. This was during the bandís psychedelic phase. The band later claimed that this period was highly influenced by Pink Floyd, and especially the album The Piper at the Gates of Dawn. Glen Buxton said he could listen to Syd Barrett's guitar for hours at a time

12. Steve Earle: Johnny Come Lately (Steve Earle)
Copperhead Road: Uni Records UNI-7
San Antonio TX
Steve Earle: vocals, guitars, harmonica, 6-string bass, mandolin
Donny Roberts: guitars, 6-string bass
Bill Lloyd: acoustic guitar
Michael McAdam: 12-string electric guitar
Bucky Baxter: pedal steel, lap steel, Dobro
Ken Moore: synthesizer and organ
John Barlow Jarvis: piano
Kelly Looney: bass
Kurt Custer: drums
Sam Bush: mandolin
Jerry Douglas: dobro
Mark O'Connor: violin
Edgar Meyer: bass violin
Produced by Tony Brown & Steve Earle 1988

born January 17, 1955 Ft. Monroe, Virginia

13. The Fentons: Shadow Play (Rory Gallagher)
Whatever It Takes: Strange Music FB002
Ottawa ON
Paul Fenton: slide guitar, acoustic guitars
Michael Fenton: lead vocal, bass
Ron Gilfillan: lead guitar
Doug Inglis: drums
Produced by The Fentons and Tony McLean, 1987

The original Fentons band formed in Ottawa in 1984 and disbanded in 1990. About Paul Fentonís slide guitar playing: ďMan, this guy is a red hot slide player!Ē claimed Johnny Winter. Some of Paulís favourite slide players are (in no particular order): Tampa Red, Blind Willie Johnson, Blind Willie McTell, Rory Gallagher , Duane Allman , Johnny Winter, Elmore James, Brian Jones and David Gilmour from Pink Floyd. He formed a punk band called The Action in Ottawa which were notorious for being extremely loud. He also played in the Blushing Brides for a while before forming the Fentons.

The Fentons went down to the US to record another album with producer Mick Ronson and engineered by Todd Rungren but their recording company, Torrid Records, went bankrupt and the master tape went missing, thus never released.

14. Sergio Mendez & Brazil í66: Fool On The Hill (Lennon / McCartney)
Fool On The Hill: A&M Records ?Ė SPX 4160
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Sérgio Mendes: Piano, vocals
Lani Hall: Vocals
Karen Philipp: Vocals
John Pisano: Guitar
Rubens Bassini: Percussion
Sebastiao Neto: Percussion
Dom Um Romao: Percussion, drums
Dave Grusin: Orchestra Arrange
Produced by Sérgio Mendes, 1968
Recorded by Henry Lewy, Herb Alpert and Larry Levine

Sérgio Santos Mendes b. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil February 11, 1941 (age 78)

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