September 2, 2019

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Labour Works
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     Hour One

1.   The Kinks: Working At The Factory (Ray Davies) 1986
2.   Teresa Doyle: Factory Girl (Trad) 1987 *
3.   Grit Laskin: Sewing Machine (Nancy White) 1987 *
4.   Weddings Parties Anything: She Works (M Thomas) 1988
5.   Dolly Parton: Working Girl (Dolly Parton) 1980
6.   Buddy Holly: Midnight Shift (Earl Lee / Jimmie Ainsworth) 1958
7.   Eileen McGann: Man’s World (Eileen McGann) 1987 *
8.   Wonderful Grand Band: UIC (Jamie Snider) 1981 *
9.   Dick Nolan: The Unemployment Song (P.D. arr by Dick Nolan) 1972 *
10. 1755: U.I.C (Unemployment Insurance Commission) (Ralph Williams / Pierre Robichaud) 1978 *
11. Wilno Express: The Killaloe Kid (In The Kitchener Kitchen) (Wilno Express) *
12. Cromdale: Miners Lullaby (Matt McGinn) / Schooldays Over (Ewan Macoll) 1987 *
13. Rick Fielding: Pitman Blues (Rick Fielding / Brian Way) 1981 *
14. Glen Reid: Hard Rock Miner (Glen Reid) 1979 *
15. Bob King: When The Work’s All Done This Fall (D. J. O'Mally) 1962 *

Hour Two

1.   Original Sloth Band: Get A Job (Beal / Edwards / Lewis / Horton) 1973 *
2.   Ever-Lovin’ Jug Band: Working Stiff Experience (Minnie Hart / Bill Howard) 2013 *
3.   49th Parallel: Laborer (D Abbott / R Carlson / T Bare / D Pielch / M Woodhouse / D Lowe) 1967 *
4.   Rush: Working Man (Geddy Lee / Alex Lifeson) 1974 *
5.   Bob Marley & The Wailers: Work (Bob Marley) 1980
6.   Gord Downie & The Sadies: One Good Fast Job (Gord Downie / The Sadies) 2014 *
7.   Bruce Springsteen: Working On The Highway (Bruce Springsteen) 1984
8.   Stevedore Steve: Minto Miners (Stephen J Foote) 1971 *
9.   Stompin’ Tom Connors: The Coal Boat Song (T C Connors) 1970 *
10. The Flummies: 45 Miles From Goose Bay (Johnny Hodder) 1988 *
11. Nina Simone: Work Song (Oscar Brown Jr / Nat Adderley) 1961
12. Cowboy Junkies: Working On A Building (trad) 1988 *
13. The Specials: Rat Race (Radiation) 1980
14. Pete Townsend: Keep On Working (Pete Townsend) 1980

CanCon =  69%

And Now for The Particulars:

Hour One

1.   The Kinks: Working At The Factory (Ray Davies)
Think Visual: MCA Records MCA5822
London UK
Ray Davies: guitar, vocal
Dave Davies: lead guitar
Jim Rodford: bass, bg vocals
Bob Henrit: drums
Ian Gibbons: keys, bg vocals
Produced by Ray Davies, 1986
Recorded by Ben Fenner, Damien Korner, Dave Powell & David Baker at Konk Studios, London

2. Teresa Doyle: Factory Girl (Trad)
Prince Edward Isle, Adieu: Bedlam Records TD 1987
Caledonia PEI
Teresa Doyle: vocals
Richard Chapman: guitar, synth, bg vocal
James Stephens: hammered dulcimer, bouzouki, tin whistle
Philip Raphals: cello
Karen & Doug Young: bg vocals
Paul Legrand: fiddle
Produced by James Stephens, Teresa Doyle, Richard Chapman & Mario Rubnikovich, 1987
Recorded by Mario Rubnikovich at Studio Works, Old Montreal QC, May 1987
Mastered by Sabin Brunet, Urantia Records

This was the first Teresa Doyle album from 1987. Since then she's recorded 11 more of them, all excellently produced but 'Prince Edward Isle, Adieu' is her only one on vinyl. Although she lives in rural PEI, she's traveled around the globe spreading her music. She has worked with many fine musicians as well: Oliver Schroer, David Woodhead, Stan Rogers and The Chieftains. Recently she has been performing with her son, Patrick Bunston.

3.   Grit Laskin: Sewing Machine (Nancy White)
Lila's Jig: Fogerty's Cove Music FCM 009
Toronto ON
Grit Laskin: guitar, vocals
Ian Robb: vocals
Ann Lederman: fiddle, vocals
Produced by Grit Laskin, 1985
Recorded by Vezzi Tayyub at Kensington Sound, Toronto, April 1985

Released on Cassette in 1985 & on Vinyl 1987.

William Laskin b. Hamilton ON Aug 23, 1953

Luthier Grit Laskin released two solo albums on vinyl in the 1980s. He was and still is a member of The Friends of Fiddler's Green folk band. He's considered to be one of Canada's best guitar makers and has provided instruments for kd lang, Paul Mills (aka Curly Boy Stubbs), Stan and Garnet Rogers and countless others. He's a Member of the Order of Canada (2012), winner of the Estelle Klein Award as well as the Saidye Bronfman Award for fine craftwork. He's also recorded with Ian Robb and Margaret Christl as well as Stan Rogers. Here he covers one of songwriter Nancy White's compositions which really captures the plight of immigrant life in Canada.

4.   Weddings Parties Anything: She Works (M Thomas)
No Show Without Punch: WEA / Unity Records 23-64321 CR
Melbourne AU
Janine Hall: bass
Marcus Schintler: drums, vocals
Dave Steel: guitar
Mick Thomas: guitar, vocals
Mark Wallace: piano accordion, keyboards, vocals
Produced by Alan Thorne & WPA, 1988
Recorded by Mort, Sugarhill Studios, Houston

This is a 7 song EP album

The band existed between 1984-1999 who took their name from 'Revolution Rock' by The Clash. They had that Pogues-like Celtic rock feel expressed behind the fine vocals of band leader Mick Thomas. They covered Tex Mortons controversial 1930 song 'Sergeant Small' about the Queensland Railway Police, which had been banned soon after its original release in Australia. In the early 1990s they spent better part of a year in Canada, learning Stompin Tom and other Canadian songs for their live shows and did a great version of Sudbury Saturday Night.

This EP was released on Billy Bragg's Utility Records label, released by WEA. Their next record, Roaring Days, was their first major album release.

5.   Dolly Parton: Working Girl (Dolly Parton)
9 To 5 And Odd Jobs: RCA Victor AHL1-3852
Nashville TN
Dolly Parton: vocals
Sonny Osborne: banjo
Eddie Bayers: drums
Larry Carlton: guitar
Reggie Young: guitar
Ron Oates: keys
Joe McGuffee: steel
Ian Underwood: synths
Produced by Gregg Perry, Mike Post & Dolly Parton, 1980
Recorded by Larry Carlton at Studio 335 and Chuck Briz & Paul Dobbe at Western Recorders
Mastered by Mike Reese
Mixed by Rick Romano and Doug Parry at Smoke Tree Ranch, Chatsworth CA

Dolly Rebecca Parton (born January 19, 1946 Sevier County, Tennessee

This was the 23rd Dolly Parton solo album featuring the theme song from the movie 9 to 5 (featuring Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin along with Dolly). The album features Parton's rendition of House of the Rising Sun. And her favourite rock band was Led Zeppelin; she's a huge Robert Plant fan.

6.   Buddy Holly: Midnight Shift (Earl Lee / Jimmie Ainsworth)
That'll Be The Day: Decca DL 8707
Lubbock TX
Buddy Holly: guitar, vocal
Harold Bradley: guitar
Floyd Cramer: piano
Farris Coursey: drums
ER McMillan: also sax
Owen Bradley: piano
Boots Randolph: sax
Produced by Owen Bradley, 1958
Recorded at Bradley Film and Recording Studios, Nashville, 1956

Charles Hardin Holley b. Lubbock TX Sept 7, 1936 / d. Clear Lake, Iowa Feb 3, 1959 (22)

That'll Be The Day was the last album released before Holly's untimely death in 1959. These were culled from recordings that Holly had made in 1956. All songs were taken from singles released earlier with a re-recording of the title track.

7.   Eileen McGann: Man's World (Eileen McGann)
Elements: Dragonwing Music DRGN 111
Victoria BC
Eileen McGann: vocals, guitar
David Woodhead: bass
Ken Whiteley: mandolin, piano
Dick Smith: shakers
Produced & Recorded by Ken Whiteley, 1987

Eileen T McGann b. Scarborough ON

McGann actually worked as a Bell Telephone installer where she experienced what she wrote about first hand. She started singing in Toronto in her teens as a member of The Fiddler's Green Folk Club. She started playing festivals in 1984, touring all of Canada and the USA while still holding down a day job. She has earned four University diplomas while still maintaining a music career. Her best known album was 1991's 'Turn It Around', rated by the Boston Globe as one of the best albums of that year. This is from her first release, recorded in Toronto by Ken Whiteley.

8.   Wonderful Grand Band: UIC (Jamie Snider) *
Living In A Fog: Grand East Records GE-1001
St. John's NL
Glenn Simmons: guitar
Ron Hynes: guitar, mandolin, banjo
Jamie Snider: fiddle
Sandy Morris: guitar
Ian Perry: bass
Paul Stamp: drums
Produced by Declan O'Doherty, 1981
Recorded and Mixed at Springfield Sound Studio by Declan O'Doherty, Dan Donovan & Geoff Rowland
Mastered by Bill Kipper at Masterdisk, New York City

Canada's Unemployment Insurance Commission has always been known as a hard-nosed dealer when it comes to paying out claims. But Newfoundlanders have had it figured out for years: quite a few songs from there make fun out of out-smarting the system. Although this song's composer is from Ontario, Jamie Snider is well loved in Newfoundland, having spent several years living there when he fronted Red Island before joining super-group The Wonderful Grand Band and delivering this song.

9.   Dick Nolan: The Unemployment Song (P.D. arr by Dick Nolan)
Fisherman's Boy: RCA Camden - CAS 2576
Cornerbrook, NFL
Dick Nolan: vocal
Bonnie Lou Nolan: bg vocals
Others not credited
Produced by Ben Wetherby Circa 1972
Recorded at Memorial University Radio Studios CHMR, St. John's NL

Richard Francis Nolan b. Corner Brook NL Feb 4, 1939 / d. Dec 13, 2005 Carbonear NL (66)

The first big country star the Island produced was Dick Nolan. Learning to play country songs in Western Newfoundland in the 1950s saw him team up with guitarist Roy Penny. As a duo they were at the right place at the right time. Out-growing the limited opportunities that Corner Brook had to offer, they migrated up to Toronto and formed The Blue Valley Boys with Maritimers Bunty Petrie (fiddle) and Johnny Burke (bass). By 1962 Nolan was asked to use his Johnny Cash-like voice to record a Johnny Cash tribute album which did surprisingly well. That lead to a solo career which reached its peak with the release of Aunt Martha's Sheep in 1972. He was a resident of Bell Island NL the last years of his life.

10. 1755: U.I.C (Unemployment Insurance Commission) (Ralph Williams / Pierre Robichaud)
1755: Presqu'ile Records PE 7512
Moncton NB
Kenneth Saulnier: banjo, mandolin, guitar
Roland Dupuis: drums
Pierre Robichaud: guitar
Donald Boudreau: bass, clarinet
Roland Gauvin: guitar, banjo
Produced by André Perreault, 1978
Recorded at Studio A, Marko

The band was active from 1975 to 1984. Again, it features the old name of The Employment Insurance Commission. In February 2008, 1755 received the Dr Helen Creighton Lifetime Achievement Award for their musical contribution at the East Coast Music Award ceremony. Drummer Roland Dupuis lead the Glamour Puss Blues Band who began recording hot blues albums in the 1990s.

11. Wilno Express: The Killaloe Kid (In The Kitchener Kitchen) (Wilno Express)
Coming Down The Tracks: MCVA Productions WRC 258
Wilno / Killaloe ON
Clark Geuttel: mandolin
Barney McCafferey: piano, vocals
Ish Theilheimer: violin
Unknown: drummer
Produced by Alan Geuttel circa 1979
Recorded in Rockingham, ON

Down by the slow moving Bonnechere (river), where livin' begins! Recorded for their own label, Madawaska Valley Credit Union based out of Wilno (coz if you don't know you will know), The Wilno Express recorded two interesting albums in the early 1980s. They never broke up, instead their members died off until just one of them remains: Ish Theilheimer from Killaloe. And don't let the sound of that song fool you: these were really good musicians trying to sound rag-tag for this song. It might be Ish on the tuba. And Barney McCafferey is most likely on the piano instead of his accordion. And Clark Geuttel is on a mandolin instead of guitar. And I don't think the drummer was a real drummer. So it sounds perfect!

12. Cromdale: Miners Lullaby (Matt McGinn) / Schooldays Over (Ewan Macoll)
Pipe Dreams: Highland Records WRC1-5956
Oshawa ON
Bobby Watt: guitar, vocal
Millar Hodgart: electric guitar, bass, bg vocals, percussion
Jay Adam: keys
Ian Anderson: pipes, whistles, harmonica, cittern
Produced by Jim Scott, 1987
Recorded by Paul Steenhuis at SRS Studio, London ON

I first met these guys at The Tranzac Club in Toronto. Based out of Oshawa, Toronto was for the taking. Utilizing synthesizers (including a hand held synth bagpipe at times), Cromdale were successful at keeping traditional music buffs happy while appealing to the younger (energetic) crowd. By blending these two mining songs seamlessly we are taken on a miner's lullaby of hope from the pen of Matt McGinn (b. Glasgow Jan 17, 1928 / d. Jan 5, 1977 (48)) to the depths of the coal pits as a sprightly young boy from the mind of Ewan Macoll. Bobby Watt's delivery here is excellent. And yes, it takes a while before you tune into the thickness of his Scottish brogue: he's from the Isle of Arran.

Bobby came to Canada in 1975 and became a beat cop with the Toronto police force. He ended up a diver with the force's underwater diving unit. He resigned to play music in Cromdale which, after two albums, saw him launch a solo career. But what he really wanted to do was teach stonemasonry so in the mid-1990s he moved to Ottawa and now employs dozens of good stonemasons who do restoration work around the world.

13. Rick Fielding: Pitman Blues (Rick Fielding / Brian Way)
...For The Rest Of My Life: Canfield - C1001
Toronto ON
Rick Fielding - guitar
Graham Townsend - fiddle
Frank Barth - steel guitar
Tony Quarrington - electric guitar
Jack Mooney: steel
Bill Prosser: bass
David McCallan: piano
Tom Wolf: drums
Paul Neary: drums
Bernard Dolan: fiddle
Larry Thompson: piano
Nancy Ryan, Margaret Good, Paul Quarrington, Martin Worthy: bg vocals
Produced by Dan Cain & Rick Fielding, 1981
Recorded by Larry Thompson at Captain Audio, Toronto
Mastered at Eastern Sound, Toronto

This was one of my favourite Rick Fielding songs. And he's got a lot of good ones! I sat in the studio engineering for Rick's highly acclaimed radio show 'Acoustic Workshop' for eight years, during which time I watched as he played dozens of songs that I only heard him play once. He wasn't a prolific kind of songwriter, he took time getting his ideas just right. He recorded sporadically beginning in the mid-1970s and this song was taken from what was supposed to be his big break out album, teaming up with guitarist Tony Quarrington for most of his adult life. With a great baritone voice, Rick knew how to enunciate each song directly, as if telling it to you. That's why his radio show was so good.

14. Glen Reid: Hard Rock Miner (Glen Reid)
Hard Rock Miner: Boot BOS 7190
Burks Falls ON
Glen Reid, guitar
Ken Whiteley, piano, mandolin, accordion
Robbie MacNeill, guitar
Bill Cymbala, drums
David Zdriluk, electric guitar, bass
Bob Lucier, pedal steel, dobro
Willie P Bennett, harmonica
Denis LePage, banjo
John Allen, fiddle
Larry Smith, bg vocals
Produced by Denis Lepage, 1978
Recorded by Bob Lanois at Grant Avenue Studio, Hamilton

So I found this album in the early 1990s by a Canadian guy who had a song about mining. Other than that, I didn't know much about him. His name was Glen Reid and he recorded for Stompin' Tom's Boot Records label. So I took it in and played it on my show one night. Rick Fielding, who just arrived for his Acoustic Workshop show popped into the booth and said: "Steve, Glen Reid would be tickled to know that you played him on the radio." Rick new Glen personally. This song is from a true experience up in Creighton Mine, just north of Sudbury, now an official ghost town. Being the deepest nickel mine in Canada, the mine is now used as the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory.

15. Bob King: When The Work's All Done This Fall (D. J. O'Mally)
Just Me & My Old Guitar: Banff - RBS 1103
Joyceville ON
Bob King: guitar, vocals
Others not credited
Produced by George I Taylor, 1962

Robert George King b. Joyceville ON Jan 6, 1934 / d 1989 Ottawa

Sometimes work can cause tragic events to occur. There are dozens of old folk songs from Canada telling of how some logger had lost his life on the river drive, or died in the bush stuck beneath a fallen tree. Loss of the life of a young man in his prime has been used for countless ballads from beginningless time.

King was a long time Ottawa Valley based performer who recorded a dozen solo albums, was married to Marie King, also a well known Ottawa Valley singer from the French side.

Hour Two

1.   Original Sloth Band: Get A Job (Beal / Edwards / Lewis / Horton)
Whoopee After Midnight: Troubadour Records TR 005
Toronto ON
Tom Evans: vocal, hands
Chris Whiteley: vocal, hands
Ken Whiteley: vocal, guitar, hands
Produced by Original Sloth Band, 1973
Recorded by Graham Jones at MENISCUS

From the hard to read first album where white text reaches into a bright background and disappears, I search with a magnifying glass and come up with some of the goods. When the Whiteley Brothers (Ken and Chris) got together with Tom Evans, anything from a Hendrix song to a jugband tune might erupt at any moment. This album goes all over the place, from Fats Waller to Flatt and Scruggs and then off to Memphis Jug Band, that sorta thing. Here the render a song from the Silhouettes in 1957 which reached number one in Feb 1958.

2.   Ever-Lovin' Jug Band: Working Stiff Experience (Minnie Hart / Bill Howard)
Tri-City Stomp: Duke of Erb Records WHRC 12-01
Kitchener ON
Minnie Heart: vocal, banjolin, violin, jug, kazoo, bass
Bill Howard: vocal, guitar, kazoo, washboard
Buck Thompson: bajitar, washboard, vocal
Willie Ames: cello, tenor guitar, vocal
John Smith: clarinet
Produced by Bill Howard & Minnie Heart, 2013
Recorded at the Duke of Erb
Mixed by Matthew Knischewsky
Mastered by Harris Newman at Greymarket Mastering

Despite the fact that there's a lot of novelty-like numbers here, done up in jugband style, there's also a lot of good subject matter here captured in the songs of Bill Howard and Minnie Hart. Nothing like a bit of a music rag to wipe my mind that way.

3.   49th Parallel: Laborer (D Abbott / R Carlson / T Bare / D Pielch / M Woodhouse / D Lowe)
Singles: Venture Records LION LP 144
Calgary AB
Dennis Abbott (vocals)
Dan Lowe (guitar)
Bob Carlson (guitar)
Dave Petch (organ)
Mick Woodhouse (bass)
Terry Bare (drums)
Produced by Chuck Williams & Don Grashey, 1967
Recorded by Jim Saunders at Master Recording Studios, Beverly Hills CA & Lennie Roberts, United Recorders, Hollywood CA

Originally known as Shades of Blond, this Calgary based rock band was a well known commodity out west. In those days there were only a handful of recording studios in Canada and most of them were solidly booked so it only made sense for many bands to go state-side to get into a studio at affordable prices. 49th Parallel were on par with Toronto's Paupers, Vancouver's Collectors and Montreal's The Haunted. In 2014 Lion Records released a vinyl compilation album of their 8 singes as the 49th and their original release as Shades of Blond in 1967.

4.   Rush: Working Man (Geddy Lee / Alex Lifeson)
Rush: Moon Records - MN 100
Toronto ON
Geddy Lee, bass
Alex Lifeson, guitar
John Rutsey, drums
Produced by Rush, 1974
Recorded at Eastern Sound and Toronto Sound studios

One of the few Rush compositions by Geddy and Alex. Original Rush drummer, John Rutsey, usually composed the lyrics to early Rush songs, a tradition which continued when Neil Peart joined for the band's second album. This album really shows the band's influences; Working Man is right out of the Joe Walsh and the James Gang era. Geddy finally felt comfortable with his voice after hearing Joe Walsh do lead vocals. James Gang were from Cleveland, the city that broke Rush internationally.

5.   Bob Marley & The Wailers: Work (Bob Marley)
Uprising: Island Records ISM 9596
Bob Marley: lead vocal, rhythm guitar
Aston Barnett: bass, piano, guitar, percussion
Carlton Barrett: drums
Carlton Davis: drums
Tyrone Downie: keys, bg vocal
Alvin Patterson: percussion
Junior Marvin: lead guitar, bg vocal
Earl Lindo: keys
Al Anderson: lead guitar
I Threes w Rita Marley, Marcia Griffiths and Judy Mowatt: bg vocals
Produced by Bob Marley & Wailers, 1980
Mixed by Chris Blackwell and The Wailers
Recorded by Chiao Ng at Tuff Gong Studios, Kingston JM
Mastered by Ted Jensen
Released June 10, 1980

Uprising was the last studio recording released during Marley's lifetime, just a year before he died. All the songs on this album are spiritually oriented in Marley's Rasta beliefs. The album went double platinum in France, Platinum in New Zealand and gold most everywhere else.

6.   Gord Downie & The Sadies: One Good Fast Job (Gord Downie / The Sadies)
A & C Records  A&C090
Kingston ON / Toronto Area
Mike Belitsky: drums
Sean Dean: bass
Travis Good: vocal, guitar, mandolin
Dallas Good: guitar, keys
Gord Downie: vocals
Produced by Gord Downie & The Sadies  2014
Recorded by Ken Friesen at The Bath House, Bath ON
Mixed by Bob Rock at Warehouse Studios, Vancouver BC
Mastered by Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound, NYC

Being grateful for that one big, fast job. For many people it's feast or famine time; great money when you're working and nothing much when you're not. People do a lot of contract work these days so the problem's not getting any better when so many can't count on a continued income to balance their budget sheets.

7.   Bruce Springsteen: Working On The Highway (Bruce Springsteen)
Born In the USA:
Long Branch NJ
Bruce Springsteen: guitar, vocal
Roy Bittan: keys
Clarence Clemons: sax
Danny Dederici: Hammond, glockenspiel
Garry Tallent: bass
Steven Van Zandt: guitar, mandolin, harmony vocals
Max Weinberg: drums
Produced by Jon Landau, Chuck Plotkin, Bruce Springsteen and Steve Van Zandt, 1986
Recorded at The Power Station, NYC May 6, 1982 by Bill Scheniman and Toby Scott
Mastered by Bob Ludwig
Photo by Annie Leibovitz
Mixed by Bob Clearmountain

Always saluting the blue collared heroes, Springsteen has always felt strongly for the working stiff. Originally recorded for the Nebraska album, this song was a left-over that made it onto Born In The U.S.A.

8.   Stevedore Steve: Minto Miners (Stephen J Foote)
Hard Workin' Men - Boot Records BOS 7102
Saint John, NB
Steve Foote: guitar, vocal
Fred McKenna: steel
Others unknown
Produced by Jury Krytiuk, 1971
Recorded at RCA Limited Studio, Toronto
Recording & Mixing Engineer: George Semkiw
Recording Technician: "Cub" Richardson

Unlike the hard rock miners of Ontario and Quebec, maritime based miners had to endure working in the coal fields. We've all heard of the tragedies of Westray Mine in 1992 killing 26 men. And the Springhill Mining Disasters of 1891, 1956 and 1958, the latter of which was immortalized in song by Peggy Seeger and Ewan Macoll. New Brunswick had a big coalfield in the Minto area; Nova Scotia had coal in Cape Breton; coal dust sparkled through many a maritimer's veins.

9.   Stompin' Tom Connors: The Coal Boat Song (T C Connors)
Stompin' Tom Meets Big Joe Mufferaw: EMI Canada - 724349 55925
Halton Hills, ON
Tom Connors: guitar, vocal, stompin board
Glen Reid: banjo
Mickey Andrews: steel
Randy McDonald: bass
Gerry Hall: guitar
Produced by Dr. Tom Connors, 1970

Thomas Charles Connors b. Saint John NB, Feb 9, 1936 - d. March 6, 2013, Halton Hills, ON

And some people found work on the dirty coal boats, transporting it to Newfoundland. Stompin' Tom found such work after running away from his adopted home at Skinner's Pond, PEI. He did the coal boat run for about a year when he was just 15. He later wrote this song from the collective memories he had from those coal boat days.

10. The Flummies: 45 Miles From Goose Bay (Johnny Hodder)
Songs of Labrador: Kenamu Records WRC1-5985
Happy Valley / Goose Bay NL
Gary ODriscoll: lead guitar, vocal
Harris Learning: bass
Greg OBlenis: drums
Richard Dyson: accordion
Alton Best: guitar, harmonica
George Shiwak: vocals
Produced by Gary Odriscoll, 1988
Recorded by Gary ODricsoll at Homespun Studios, Goose Bay, Labrador
Cover by David E Willoughby

Flummies are traditional Labrador trappers bread using a mixture of flour, salt and baking powder
Founded in 1978 and are still together. Won ECMA Best Aboriginal Award 2009

11. Nina Simone: Work Song (Oscar Brown Jr / Nat Adderley)
Forbidden Fruit: Pye Records Golden Guinea Series Mono GGL 0383
Tyrone NC
Nina Simone: piano, vocals
Chris White: bass
Bob Hamilton: drums
Al Schackman: guitar
Produced by Cal Lampley
Recorded in New York City, 1960 - 61
UK release 1966

Then there is forced labour. Like working on a chain gang. The melody was written by Cannonball Adderley's brother, Nat, while Oscar Brown Jr. did the words.

12. Cowboy Junkies: Working On A Building (trad)
The Trinity Sessions: RCA Victor 8568
Toronto ON
Margo Timmins: vocal
Michael Timmins: guitar
Peter Timmins: drums
Alan Anton: bass
John Timmins: guitar
Kim Deschamps: steel, dobro, slide
Jaro Czerwinec: accordion
Produced by Peter Moore, 1988
Recorded by Peter Moore at Church of the Holy Trinity in Toronto, November 27, 1987

This is an age-old African-American spiritual that has been in the repertoires of B.B. King, The Carter Family, Elvis, Bill Monroe and John Fogerty. The Carter Family recorded it back in 1934. BB King learned it as a street musician way back. So The Junkies ethereal rendition is just stark and boldly beautiful.

13. The Specials: Rat Race (Radiation)
More Specials: Chrysalis Records CHR 1303
London UK
Terry Hall: vocal
Neville Staples: percussion, vocal
Lynval Golding: guitar
Roddy Radiation: guitar
Jerry Dammers: organ, piano
Horace Gentleman: bass
John Bradbury: drums
Rico Rodrigues: trombone
Dick Cuthell: flugel horn, coronet
Kix Thompson: sax
Paul Heskatt: sax
Rhoda Dakar: vocals
Belinda Charlotte & Jane: bg vocals
Produced by Jerry Dammers and Dave Jordan, 1980
Recorded by Dave Jordan & Jeremy Allom at Horizon Studios, Coventry
Mixed at Wessex Studios, London

14. Pete Townsend: Keep On Working (Pete Townsend)
Empty Glass: Atco Records XSD 32-100
London UK
Pete Townsend: guitar, synths, vocals
John Bundrick: keys
James Asher: drums
Tony Butler: bass
Produced by Chris Thomas, 1980
Recorded at Eel Pie Studios and A.I.R. Studios, London 1978-1980 by Bill Price & Steve Nye
Mastered by Ted Jensen

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