August 26, 2019

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Aviation Music
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     Hour One

1.   The Attack: Feel Like Flying (John Du Cann) 1968
2.   Ian Tamblyn: Glider (Ian Tamblyn) 1976 *
3.   Blues Project: Fly Away (Al Kooper) 1966
4.   The Bordens: Jet Airliner (Steve Miller) 1982 *
5.   Crawford Bell and Steelrail: Emelia Erhart’s Last Flight (Dave McEnery) 1977 *
6.   Wilf Carter: Cowboy’s Airplane Ride (Wilf Carter) 1938 *
7.   Wishbone Ash: Ships In The Sky (Laurie Wisefield) 1978
8.   Eric Burden & The Animals: Sky Pilot Pts 1 & 2 (The Animals) 1968
9.   The Beatles: Flying (Lennon / McCartney / Harrison / Starkey) 1967
10. Thomas Dolby: Flying North (Thomas Dolby) 1982
11. The Specials: International Jet Set (Jerry Dammers) 1980
12. Bruce Cockburn: January In The Halifax Airport Lounge (Bruce Cockburn) 1975 *

Hour Two

1.   Air Command Band: 633 Squadron 1988 *
2.   Mendelson Joe: Air Canada Can (M Joe) 1991 *
3.   Bobby Wiseman: Airplane On The Highway (B Wiseman) 1989 *
4.   Ted Wesley: Bush Plane (Bob Ruzicka) 1972 *
5.   Cal Cavendish: Ramp Man (C Cavendish) 1975 *
6.   Pied Pumkin String Ensemble: Fear of Flying (Joe Mock) 1976 *
7.   Buffalo Springfield: Expecting To Fly (Neil Young) 1967
8.   Tangerine Dream: Pilots of Purple Twilight (Tangerine Dream) 1981
9.   Max Webster: Night Flights (Terry Watkinson) 1979 *
10. Joni Mitchell: This Flight Tonight (Joni Mitchell) 1971*
11. Brian Eno: Here Come The Warm Jets (B Eno) 1974
12. Danny Romaniuk & the Tumbling Tumbleweeds: Jet Polka (D Romaniuk) 1960 *

Plus segments of Ambient Music For Airports by Brian Eno for talk-overs

CanCon =  58%

And Now for The Particulars:


Hour One

1.   The Attack: Feel Like Flying (John Du Cann)
Magic In The Air: Reflection Records MM08
London UK
Richard Shirman: vocals
Keith Hodge: drums
John DuCann: lead guitar
Gerry Henderson: bass
Produced 1968

Richard Shirman b. London Apr 26, 1949 / d. July 26, 2017

This British band formed around 1965 and released a handful of singles that, for whatever reason, didn’t sell well. They were originally on the Decca label. The original band broke up and Richard Shirman put another Attack together. Without a recording contract, they went into the studio and recorded enough for an album but very little of their stuff ever saw the light of day. It wasn’t until the CD era that their music was finally released. But they were on par with some of the best bands in their time.

2.   Ian Tamblyn: Glider (Ian Tamblyn)
Ian Tamblyn: Posterity - PTR-13002
Thunder Bay, ON / Chelsea, QC
Ian Tamblyn: guitar, vocal
Dennis Delorme: steel
Frank Koller: guitar
Doug Orr: bass
Richard Patterson: drums
Kim Erickson: bg vocals
Bob Stark: percussion
Produced by Ted Gerow, 1976
Recorded by Nelson Vipond with Michael Delaney and Peter Burns at Marc Productions, Ottawa
Mixed at Studio Six, Montreal
http://www.tamblyn.com or mailto:tamblyn@hotmail.com

Ian Tamblyn b. Fort William (Thunder Bay) ON Dec 2, 1947

Since the release of his first album, Moose Tracks, in 1971, Tamblyn has released a total of 30 complete studio albums of songs and sound tracks. From his beginnings in Thunder Bay where he, along with Rodney Brown and Ken Hamm founded North Track Records together, Tamblyn has traveled to both the north and south poles, finding inspiration for his music. He currently lives in Chelsea, Quebec.

3.   Blues Project: Fly Away (Al Kooper)
Projections: Verve Folkwaves FT 3008 Mono
Danny Kalb: guitar, vocals
Al Kooper: keys, vocals
Steve Katz: guitar, harmonica, vocals
Andy Kulberg: bass, flute
Roy Blumenfeld: drums
Produced by Tom Wilson and Jerry Schoenbaum, 1966
Recorded by Val Valentin

Alan Peter Kuperschmidt (Al Kooper) b. Brooklyn NY Feb 5, 1944

Koop was originally a Brill building songwriter who was partly responsible for hits songs This Diamond Ring (Gary Lewis & Playboys) and I Must Be Seeing Things by Gene Pitney. He was recruited by Bob Dylan to play keyboards at the Newport Folk Festival and appeared on Dylan’s recordings (That’s him on Like A Rolling Stone). In 1965 he formed the Blues Project but due to the groups lack of success, he quit in 1967 to form a jazz-rock fusion band called Blood, Sweat & Tears. After the release of their first album, Kooper quit and was replaced by David Clayton-Thomas. Kooper began playing with Steve Stills on his Super Session album. He’s been featured playing on numerous recordings by luminaries like The Who, The Stones, BB King, Hendrix, Alice Cooper and Cream. In 1972 he found Lynyrd Skynyrd and produced albums for them before moving onto producing The Tubes.

4.   The Bordens: Jet Airliner (Steve Miller)
Good Times: JRGB-80
Dryden ON
George Borden: accordion
Jeannette Borden: keys
Roger Borden: sax, guitar
Gary Borden: drums
Bill Dombradi: guitar
Produced by The Bordens, 1980
Recorded by Harry Taylor at Century 21 Studios, Winnipeg

From Dryden Ontario, a family band. Their Good Times album features polkas, Theme from Star Wars, Rock n’ Roll (All Shook Up)and waltzes. Drummer Gary, who was only 12 when this album was recorded, is still active as a musician and producer.

5.   Crawford Bell and Steelrail: Emelia Erhart’s Last Flight (Dave McEnery)
Head To Toe Country: Emerald / Broadland Records – BR 1968
Antrim ON
Brian Nicholl: pedal steel, lead guitar
Torry McGaughey: bass
Lindsay Luney: drums
Paul Martin: piano
Harry Redmond: guitar
The Kittens (Mary, Lou & Trionagh) vocal harmony
Produced by George Goherty, 1977
Recorded at Hydepark Studios, Ireland

Originally from Ireland Bell was drawn to North America because of his love for country music. He eventually wound up in the Ottawa Valley where he put together a band called the California Breakmen. He’s been drawn into the world of Gospel music.

6.   Wilf Carter: Cowboy’s Airplane Ride (Wilf Carter)
Wilf Carter - Montana Slim Vol 5&6: Bear Family BCD 15939
Port Hilford  NS
Wilf Carter: guitar, vocals
Produced by Hugh Joseph - Originally recorded for Victor in 1938
Re-issue Producer: Richard Weize – 1997

Wilfred Arthur Charles Carter b. Port Hilford NS Dec 18, 1904 / d. Dec 5, 1996 Scottsdale AR (96)

7.   Wishbone Ash: Ships In The Sky (Laurie Wisefield)
No Smoke Without Fire: MCA Records 3060
Torquay UK
Martin Turner: bass, vocal
Laurie Wisefield: guitar, vocal
Andy Powell: guitar, vocal
Steve Upton: drums
Produced by Derek Lawrence, 1978
Recorded by Rafe McKenna and Peter Wandless

Formed in Torquay, Devon, in 1969, out of the ashes of trio The Empty Vessels (originally known as The Torinoes, later briefly being renamed Tanglewood in 1969). 1978s ‘No Smoke Without Fire’ is the ninth studio album by them. They’ve released 26 studio albums, the latest being in 2014.

8.   Eric Burden & The Animals: Sky Pilot Pts 1 & 2 (The Animals)
MGM Records 13939X
Newcastle-Upon-Tyne UK
Eric Burden: vocal
Barry Jenkins: drums
John Weider: guitar
Vic Briggs: guitar/piano
Danny McCulloch: bass
Vic Briggs Orchestra
Produced by Tom Wilson, 1968

After the breakup of the original Animals band in 1966, Eric Burden put this new Animals band together and this was, in my opinion, the coolest song they put out. Originally released in two sections, one on each side of the single. Here’s a version that I spliced together.

9.   The Beatles: Flying (Lennon / McCartney / Harrison / Starkey)
Magical Mystery Tour: Capitol Records Canada 2835
Liverpool UK
John Lennon: wordless vocals, mellotron, Hammond organ, sound effects
Paul McCartney: wordless vocals, bass, guitar
George Harrison: wordless vocals, guitar
Ringo Starr: wordless vocals, drums, maracas, sound effects
Produced by George Martin, 1967
Recorded at EMI Studios, London September 1967

10. Thomas Dolby: Flying North (Thomas Dolby)
45 single bw She Blinded Me With Science: Harvest Records B 5204
London UK
Produced by Thomas Dolby, 1982

Thomas Morgan Robertson b. London UK Oct 14, 1958

Since there was already a Thomas Robertson on the British music scene in the early 1970s, Robertson changed his last name to Dolby. He was always fiddling around with electronic devices so his friends nicknamed him Dolby. He fought with Dolby Laboratories, who developed the Dolby noise reductions systems, over the use of the Dolby name and won his case. He’s currently a Professor of the Arts at Johns Hopkins University.

11. The Specials: International Jet Set (Jerry Dammers) 1980
More Specials: Chrysalis Records CHR 1303
London UK
Terry Hall: vocal
Neville Staples: percussion, vocal
Lynval Golding: guitar
Roddy Radiation: guitar
Jerry Dammers: organ, piano
Horace Gentleman: bass
John Bradbury: drums
Rico Rodrigues: trombone
Dick Cuthell: flugel horn, coronet
Kix Thompson: sax
Paul Heskatt: sax
Rhoda Dakar: vocals
Belinda Charlotte & Jane: bg vocals
Produced by Jerry Dammers and Dave Jordan, 1980
Recorded by Dave Jordan & Jeremy Allom at Horizon Studios, Coventry
Mixed at Wessex Studios, London

12. Bruce Cockburn: January In The Halifax Airport Lounge (Bruce Cockburn)
Joy Will Find A Way: True North Records TN-23
Ottawa ON
Bruce Cockburn: guitar, vocals, dulcimer
Dennis Pendrith: bass
Terry Clarke: drums
Dido Morris: percussion
Tommy Graham: tambura
Gene Martynec: guitar
Beverly Glenn Copeland, Heather Scarlett, Mose Scarlett: bg vocals
Produced by Gene Martynec, 1975
Recorded by Ken Friesen

Hour Two

1.   Air Command Band: 633 Squadron (Ron Goodwin)
Bless ‘em All: World Records WRC1-5750
CWO F.S: Garbe: music director
NOW N.E: Philip: conductor
The Air Command Band
Produced 1988

This albums was funded by the Wartime Pilots and Observers Association of Winnipeg, MB to commemorate the 5th Commonwealth Wartime Aircrew Reunion.

2.   Mendelson Joe: Air Canada Can (M Joe)
Addicted: Anthem Records - ANK 1063
Toronto, ON
Mendelson Joe: vocals, guitar, bass, foot
Lauri Conger: keys
Jody Golick: sax
David Hayes: bass
Scott Irvine: tuba
Colin Linden: guitar
Ben Mink: violin
Bruce Moffett: drums
Gwen Swick: bg vocals
Produced by Mendelson Joe & Colin Linden, 1991
Mastered by Pete Norman at McClear Place w/ Ben Mink

3.   Bobby Wiseman: Airplane On The Highway (B Wiseman)
Sings Wrench Tuttle: WEA / Risque Disque 25 69131
Toronto ON
Bobby Wiseman: keys, vocals
Kurt Schefter: guitar
Michael Pickett: harmonica
Mark French: drums
Dennis Delorme: pedal steel
Rich Maslove: bass
Produced by Bobby Wiseman, 1989
Recorded by Be-Double-You at the Music Gallery and Jays Space Station, Toronto
Engineering Assistants: Sandor Ajenstadt, Joe Benarroch, John Oswald, Jay Blair

4.   Ted Wesley: Bush Plane (Bob Ruzicka)
Straight North: Damon Records  DA-1004
Yellowknife, NT
Ted Wesley: vocals
Others not listed
Produced by Garry McDonall, 1972
Recorded by Don Paches at Damon Studios, Edmonton AB

1st of 3 LPs recorded in the 70s. Ted Wesley was born in Abercorn, formerly in Northern Rhodesia, now Zambia, Africa, of Polish refugee parents.  At six he moved to England, then at nine he emigrated with his family to Edmonton." He first came north at age 16, and went to work for Discovery gold mine north of Yellowknife.  "I lied to them, told them I was 18," he says. Meanwhile he made quite a name for himself in Yellowknife as an Elvis impersonator. Eventually he became the bard of the north, singing songs mostly written by songwriters Bob Ruzicka or Wilf Bean. Now living in Northern Alberta, he’s still performing.

5.   Cal Cavendish: Ramp Man (C Cavendish)
This Is Cavendish Country: COP Records - COP-Z1075
Cavendish AB
Produced by Cal Cavendish, 1975

Quite the maverick, Cavendish wrote songs that straddled the border between racy and observant. After the release of his third album, and finding that his career was really not going anywhere, he decided to make a bold statement. A licensed pilot, he flew his plane illegally over Calgary, buzzing the tower and creating quite a scene before jettisoning 100 of his records and 100 lbs of cow manure on streets of Calgary. He was given a $3000 fine and never flew a plane again.

6.   Pied Pumkin String Ensemble: Fear of Flying (Joe Mock)
Allah Mode: Squash Records U4UR2B
Vancouver BC
Rich Scott: dulcimer, vocals
Shari Ulrich: violin, flute, lead vocal
Joe Mock: guitar, piano
Doug Edwards: bass
Jeff Eyre: drums
Produced by Pied Pumkin, 1976
Recorded by Geoff Turner and Mark McNair at Little Mountain Sound Co

The Pied Pumkin was formed in 1973. After forming the nucleus of Valdy’s Hometown Band, they were signed to A&M records. Eventually Ulrich left the Pied Pumkin to tour and record with The Hometown Band full time and Scott and Mock continued touring and recording as The Pied Pear for another eight years. Joe Mock currently resides in France and still returns to Canada to do the occasional gig. Ulrich has had a solo career which has seen her awarded a Juno for "Most Promising Female Vocalist of the Year" in 1982.

7.   Buffalo Springfield: Expecting To Fly (Neil Young)
Buffalo Springfield: Atco Records 25A-806
Los Angeles CA
Neil Young: guitar, vocals
Jack Nitzsche: electric piano
Don Randi: piano
Carol Kaye: bass
Jim Horn: clarinet
Norris Badeaux: baritone saxophone
Doug Hastings, Russ Titelman: guitars
Hal Blain: drums
Produced by Jack Nitzsche, 1967
Compilation album released 1973
Recorded by Bruce Botnick, Bill Lazarus, Jim Messina, Ross Myering

This was produced by Jack Nitzsche for a Neil Young solo project but got placed on the Buffalo Springfield’s second album, “Again”, issued in November, 1967. It features no other members of the Springfield. Nitzsche worked off and on with Neil on many of his albums.

8.   Tangerine Dream: Pilots of Purple Twilight (Tangerine Dream)
Exit: Elektra Records 5E 557
West Berlin GM
Edgar Froese: composer, musician, producer
Christopher Franke: composer, musician, producer
Johannes Schmoelling: composer, musician
Produced by Edgar Froese and Christopher Franke, 1981

Tangerine Dream are considered pioneers of the early days of electronica. They first got together in 1967 and continued with original member, Edgar Froese, until his death in 2015. Since then the band has been kept together and continue to perform. Since they first began recording in 1970, Tangerine Dream has released an incredible 159 albums!

9.   Max Webster: Night Flights (Terry Watkinson)*
A Million Vacations: Anthem Records ANR-1-1018
Toronto ON
Gary McCracken: drums
Kim Mitchell: guitar, lead vocals
Dave Myles: bass
Terry Watkinson; keys
Produced by John de Nottbeck & Max Webster, 1979
Recorded by Mark Wright at Phase One Studios, Scarborough ON
Mixed by David Green, Soundstage, Toronto
Mastered at Master Disk, NYC by Bob Ludwig

Formed 1973, Toronto died 1981
Originally called The Grass Company, The Quotations, Big Al's Band, ZOOOM
4th album  Million Vacations was the first Max Webster album to generate hit singles that cracked the Canadian top 100.

10. Joni Mitchell: This Flight Tonight (J Mitchell)
45 single bw Carey: Reprise Records  R 1029
Fort McLeod AB
Joni Mitchell: vocal, guitar
Sneaky Pete Kleinow: pedal steel
Produced  1971

Also recorded by Nazareth 1973. "We used to listen to Joni as we were traveling round in the van," recalls Nazareth's bass-player, Pete Agnew. "'This Flight Tonight' was a big favourite." Mitchell was playing a gig in London and told the audience: 'I'd like to open with a Nazareth song.” Nazareth still play the song, loud and proud

11. Brian Eno: Here Come The Warm Jets (Brian Eno)
Here Come The Warm Jets: Editions EG ENO1
Woodbridge, Suffolk,  UK
Paul Rudolph: guitar, bass
Simon King: drums
Brian Eno: occasional keys, vocals, guitar, synths
Produced by Brian Eno, 1974
Recorded at Majestic Studios, London by Derek Chandler
Mixed by Brian Eno & Chris Thomas at AIR & Olympic Studios, London

Brian Peter George St. John le Baptiste de la Salle Eno, b. 1948

1969 At the Winchester School of Art, Eno attended a lecture by Pete Townsend of The Who about the use of tape machines by non-musicians, citing the lecture as the moment he realized he could make music even though he was not a musician at that point. In school, he used a tape recorder as a musical instrument and experimented with his first, sometimes improvisational, bands Eno's professional career began in London, a member (19711973) of glam/art rock band Roxy Music.

Collaborated with Phil Manzanera & Phil Collins before getting seriously into production
Created the Frippertronics idea with Robert Fripp on 1973 for LP No Pussyfooting
Created the Ambient Music series of LPs eg Plateau of Mirrors & Music for Airports
Came to Hamilton ON and worked w/ Daniel Lanois, teaching him some of his original production techniques

12. Danny Romaniuk & the Tumbling Tumbleweeds: Jet Polka (D Romaniuk)*
Fiddlin Fingers: Aragon Records ALP 122
Arnie Nelson
Max Gabinet
Gavin Hussey
Barry Higgs
Mickey Martin
Pat Trudell
Produced by Al Reusch, 1960

2011 inducted into Northwest Western Swing Hall of Fame, Seattle

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