33.45.78 All Vinyl Radio Show
with Steve Fruitman
August 12, 2019

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Goin' Haywire
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     Hour One

1.    1.   Lou Reed: Intro (Steve Hunter) / Sweet Jane (Lou Reed) 1974
2.   Jim Layeux: 18 Miles West of Renfrew (Jim Layeux) 1987 *
3.   Brian Hebert: Rolling Thunder Reel (Brian Hebert) 1981 *
4.   Mendelson Joe: Goo (Mendelson Joe) 1988 *
5.   The Foundations: Mr. Personality Man (T MacAuley / J MacLeod) 1967
6.   The Paupers: Black Thank You Package (Adam Mitchell / Skip Prokop) 1967 *
7.   The Return of the Formerly Brothers: Sure Is A Good Thing (Gene Taylor) 1987 *
8.   The Pursuit of Happiness: When The Sky Comes Falling Down (Moe Berg) 1988 *
9.   The James Gang: Hairy Hypochondriac (Peters / Troiano / Kenner) 1972
10. Keith MacKay: A Six Pack To Go (Hank Thompson) 1966 *
11. Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation: My Whisky Head Woman (The Retaliation) 1968
12. Shox Johnson and His Jive Bombers: Gimme A Pigfoot and a Bottle of Beer (W Weston) 1983 *
13. Downchild: I Got Everything I Need Almost (Don Walsh) 1982 *
14. John Prine: Please Don’t Bury Me (John Prine) 1973

Hour Two

1.   Louis Armstrong & His All-Stars: Royal Garden Blues (C Williams / S Williams) 1955
2.   UFO: No Place To Run (Paul Chapman / Phil Mogg) 1980
3.   Robyn Hitchcock: City of Shame (R Hitchcock) 1981
4.   The Roches: Another World (The Roches) 1985
5.   The Turtles: Grim Reaper of Love (Portz / Nichol) 1967
6.   Haywire: Please Mr Postman (G Dobbins / W Garrett / F Gorman / B Holland / R Bateman) 1983 *
7.   Haywire: Black And Blue (Marvin Birt / Paul MacAusland / David Rashed) 1987 *
8.   Rare Air: Highland Life (Rare Air) 1989 *
9.   Rare Earth: Born To Wander (T Baird) 1971
10. Bill Bruford’s Earthworks: Thud (Iain Bellamy) 1987
11. Sonny Boy Williamson (Rice Miller): Bring It On Home (Willie Dixon) 1969
12. Powder Blues Band: Jump Up (R Rault) 1982 *
13. Duane Eddy: Popeye (The Hitchhiker) (Appel / Mann) 1962

CanCon =  48%

And Now for The Particulars:

Hour One

1.   Lou Reed: Intro (Steve Hunter) / Sweet Jane (Lou Reed)
Rock N Roll Animal: RCA APL1-0472
Lou Reed: guitar, vocals
Dick Wagner: guitar
Ray Colcord: keys
Pentti Glan: drums
Prakash John: bass
Steve Hunter: guitar
Produced by Steve Katz and Lou Reed, 1974
Recorded by at Howard Stein’s Academy of Music, NYC by Gus Mossler
Remote recorded by The Record Plant

My friend and loyal listener, Jim Roberts, lent me this excellent album featuring two veteran Canadian musicians: Prakash John on bass and Pentti Glan on drums. These two first started playing with each other in The Mandala with guitarist Domenic Troiano. (Glan and Troiano had actually played in Mandala’s predecessor, The Rogues.) When Mandala broke up four of its remaining members split the Toronto scene for Arizona and California as Bush. They recorded one album before the James Gang came calling, drawing Troiano and singer Roy Kenner off to replace Joe Walsh. Glan and John played for Alice Cooper as well as Lou Reed.

2.   Jim Layeux: 18 Miles West of Renfrew (Jim Layeux)
Jim Layeux: Stemwall Music WRC1-5212
Jim Layeux: guitar, harmonica, vocal
David Woodhead: bass
Buddy Weston: banjo
Ron Sellwood: accordion
Norm Hacking: bg vocal
Produced by Tim Harrison, 1987
Recorded by George Axon with Jamie Sulek at Axon Music

If memory serves me well, he was originally from the Ottawa Valley, came to Toronto in the mid-80s and got involved with singer-songwriters like Norm Hacking and Tim Harrison. Harrison produced this album using some of the finest backup musicians on the burgeoning Toronto folk scene in 1987. The album was great but without proper management and a professional attitude to ‘making it’, Layeux rode a little crest of popularity in the Toronto folk world for a couple of years before petering out. What I liked about him was that he wrote about the world that he knew. Born in Renfrew County, Ontario he is able to paint a great picture of the region’s unique rural culture.

3.   Brian Hebert: Rolling Thunder Reel (Brian Hebert)
Lookin’ Back: Icicle Records ICL5009
Shady Nook ON
Brian Hebert: fiddle
Carol Dawson: piano
Blaine McEwen: bass
Earl Stencill: acoustic guitar
Randall Prescott: harmonica, banjo
Al Brisco: steel
Produced by Brian Hebert, 1981
Recorded by David Dennison at Snocan Studios, Ottawa

Another great player from Renfrew Co., Brian Hebert is known for his ability to spot and correct the way other fiddlers attack their tunes. They come to him for advice when they are having trouble figuring it out. Even Canadian fiddle champs go to Hebert for advice. Although he’s from Pembroke, he calls the hamlet of Shady Nook his home. (It’s on the map). He was a founding member of the Renfrew County Fiddlers Association.

4.   Mendelson Joe: Goo (Mendelson Joe) 1988
Born To Cuddle: Anthem Records A1-1056
Toronto ON
Mendelson Joe: guitar, bass, percussion, harmonica, vocals
Colin Linden: guitar, bass, percussion
Produced by Colin Linden with Mendelson Joe, 1988
Recorded by Bob Doidge at Grant Avenue Studio, Hamilton
Mixed by John Whynot and Colin Linden
Dedicated with Great Respect to Margaret Laurence

Well known for his late 60s band Mainline, Joe released several solo albums of his songs on various record labels. In the 1970s he tried getting US recording deals but was only offered horrible management deals which were a waste of time. After releasing a couple of cool albums that flopped, Joe went into the studio for Ray Danniels who had recently established SRO management and Anthem Records. Geddy Lee was always a fan of Joe so the scene was set to release a Mainline album and one by Joe. After that He did some albums for Boot Records (Stompin’ Tom), did some indie cassettes before being picked up, once again, for Anthem Records. Excellently produced by one of Joe’s protégés, Colin Linden, and utilizing the resources of the Shuffle Demons to back him up, this album got Joe a lot of attention but not a lot of record sales.

5.   The Foundations: Mr. Personality Man (T MacAuley / J MacLeod)
Baby, Now That I’ve Found You: Uni Records 73016
London UK
Clem Curtis: vocals
Eric Allan Dale: trombone
Pat Burke: tenor sax, flute
Mike Elliot: tenor sax
Tony Gomez: organ
Tim Harris: drums
Peter MacBeth: bass
Alan Warner: guitar
Produced by Tony MacAulay, 1967

From the London based inter-racial mid-sixties band The Foundations, a song that could have just as easily been a hit in the footsteps of the band’s other hit songs: Build Me Up Buttercup, Baby Now That I’ve Found You and Back On My Feet Again. Lead vocalist, Clem Curtis died in 2017.

6.   The Paupers: Black Thank You Package (Adam Mitchell / Skip Prokop)
Magic People: Verve Forecast - FTS 3026
Toronto, ON
Adam Mitchell, guitar, vocals
Skip Prokop, drums, vocals
Dennis Gerrard, bass
Chuck Beal. guitar
Produced by Rick Shorter, 1967
Recorded by Val Valentin at Columbia Studios, NYC
Released July 1, 1967

The first album by The Paupers, Magic People, was really like two different albums! Side one is this amazing amalgam of psychedelic rock where every song is a perfect addition to the set while side two seems more like a random collection of songs that don’t hold together. This song is from the first side, 3rd song. After freaking out on drugs at the Monterey Pop Festival, bassist Denny Gerrard was replaced. He later showed up playing in the McKenna Mendelson Mainline and is heard on the bootleg McKenna Mendelson Blues (1969) on Paragon Records by John Irvine, the same guy that Stompin’ Tom claimed screwed him (for his Rebel Records releases).

7.   The Return of the Formerly Brothers: Sure Is A Good Thing (Gene Taylor)
The Return of the Formerly Brothers: Stony Plain Records SPL 1104
Turner Valley AB, San Antonio, Belgium
Amos Garrett, vocals, guitar
Doug Sahm, vocals, guitar, organ, dobro
Gene Taylor, vocals, piano
Kit Johnson, bass
Bodhan Hluszko (aka Michelle Josef), drums
Produced by Holger Petersen, 1987
Recorded by Colin Lay at Goede Creative, Edmonton, Alberta

In 1987 this album won a Juno for Best Roots and Traditional Album. This was a one off album featuring Doug Sahm (Sir Douglas Quintet) and Amos Garrett (Ian & Sylvia, Maria Muldaur) and Gene Taylor (Canned Heat, The Blasters, Downchild, Fabulous Thunderbirds).

8.   The Pursuit of Happiness: When The Sky Comes Falling Down (Moe Berg)
Love Junk: Chrysalis Records CHS-41675
Kingston ON
Moe Berg: guitar, vocals
Dave Gilby: drums
Johnny Sinclair: bass
Kris Abbott: guitars
Leslie Stanwyck: vocals
Produced and Mixed by Todd Rundgren, 1988
Recorded at Utopia Sound Studios, Lake Hill NY by Todd Rundgren
Mastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound, NYC

Starting a band in Edmonton, Alberta in the 1980s was difficult to be recognized so drummer Dave Gilby and guitarist Moe Berg moved to Toronto and started TPOH. Within a year they recorded an album and another year later they signed to Chrysalis Records. Their second album sold over 100,000 copies in Canada alone (platinum). By the end of the 1990s they were not a functioning band anymore and waited until 2005 to record another record. 2018 saw the re-issue of Love Junk Deluxe set. And they’re still doing gigs.

9.   The James Gang: Hairy Hypochondriac (Peters / Troiano / Kenner)
Straight Shooter: ABC Dunhill ABCX 741
Cleveland Ohio, Toronto
Roy Kenner: lead vocals, percussion
Dominec Troiano: guitars
Dale Peters: bass
Jim Fox: drums
Produced by The James Gang, 1972
Recorded by Gene Eichelberger Early 1972 at Quadrafonic Sound Studios, Nashville

As was stated earlier, Roy Kenner and Dominec Troiano, veterans of the Toronto R&B scene, moved to the States and started a new band called Bush with Prakash John and Pentti Glan. After releasing one album, they were toast as The James Gang made an offer to Dom and Roy to join their band at the height of its success. They recorded two albums with The James Gang before Troiano left (but Kenner stayed put for another two albums).

10. Keith MacKay: A Six Pack To Go (Hank Thompson)
Through Those Swinging Doors: Arc Records 715
Sault Ste Marie ON
Keith MacKay: lead guitar, vocal
Others not listed
Produced by Ben Weatherby, 1966

Very little is publicly known about this guy. He was from The Soo where he started playing music with his brother Jim MacKay in a band called Fred Kent and The Northernaires. Eventually the brothers formed a duo (Jim on bass) and recorded an album for Arc called Bye Bye Love in 1964. After moving to southern Ontario they joined forces with Gary Buck. Keith MacKay was a featured performer on The Gary Buck TV Show out of Kitchener. It is believed (by me) that Gary Buck & The Broncos backed Keith up on this record as they did on the MacKay Brothers.

11. Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation: My Whisky Head Woman (The Retaliation)
The Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation: Blue Thumb Records BTS 4
London UK
Alex Dmochowski: guitar
Aynsley Dunbar: drums
Keith Tillman: bass
Victor Brox: keys, vocal
Produced by Ian Samwell, 1968
Recorded by Victor Gann

Aynsley Thomas Dunbar (born Liverpool UK, 10 January 1946)

Though he was only 21 when he formed the Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation, the drummer had already played with several bands of note in both his native Liverpool and London. He did his stint with John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers (replaced by Mick Fleetwood), after which he played for a few months in the Jeff Beck Group before forming Retaliation.

After Retaliation he formed Blue Whale, releasing one album, he joined Frank Zappa’s newly reformed Mothers of Invention. He later went on to play or record with David Bowie, Lou Reed, Herbie Mann, Mick Ronson, Jefferson Starship, White Snake, UFO, Leslie West, Pat Travers.

Dunbar was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of Journey in 2017.

12. Shox Johnson and His Jive Bombers: Gimme A Pigfoot and a Bottle of Beer (W Weston)
Professor Bop: C-Note Records / CBC Records 831042
Toronto ON
Shox Johnson, vocals
Larry Cramer, trumpet
Bob Brough: saxes
Del Dako, saxes
John Karpenko, trombone
Al Henderson: acoustic bass
Martin Loomer, guitar
Curtis Smith, drums
Produced by Keith Whiting, 1983
Recorded by David Dobbs at CBC Studio 4S, Toronto
Mastered at McClear Place Studios, Toronto
Mixed by David Dobbs, Keith Whiting and Larry Morey

Stephen Ross Wilcox b. Ottawa, Oct 6, 1956 / d. July 17, 2000 Halifax NS (44)

Formed in 1978 as a backup band for Johnson, The Jive Bombers went on to record two albums of jazzy R&B. After Johnson’s death in 2000, the band continued to perform, and still do. He died after a long battle with cancer at the age of 44.

13. Downchild: I Got Everything I Need Almost (Don Walsh)
But, I’m On The Guest List: Attic Records LAT 1151
Toronto ON
Don Walsh: guitars, harmonica
John Witmer: lead vocal
Gary Kendall: bass
Paul Nixon: drums
Richard Whitehouse: piano
Bob Heslin: horns
Larry Bodner: saxes
Bruce Gregg: trombone
Produced by Bill Bryans, 1982
Recorded Doug and Mark Kaye live at the El Mocambo, Toronto Aug 19-21, 1982
Mixed by Bill Bryans, Daniel Lanois and Don Walsh at Grant Avenue Studios, Hamilton

It’s more than mid-way thru 2019 and the El Mocambo is still being renovated. But in the 1970s and 80s this Toronto night spot was charmed, having the Rolling Stones record a live set of music there, as did April Wine who opened for them. But in August 1982 Canada’s legendary Downchild blues band recorded an album live from the Elmo. Being the inspiration behind The Blues Brothers, Jake and Elwood are thanked on the back cover! This album was the first Downchild record made after the untimely death of Jane Vasey. So here’s a live version of I Got Everything I Need, Almost not by the Blues Brothers, but by the man who wrote it.

14. John Prine: Please Don’t Bury Me (John Prine)
Sweet Revenge: Atlantic Records  SD 7274
Maywood, Illinois
John Prine: guitar, vocals
Reggie Young: lead guitar
Steve Goodman: acoustic guitar
John Christopher: guitar
Dave Prine: banjo
Mike Leach: bass
Kenny Malone: drums
Produced by Arif Mardin, 1973
Recorded by Steve Ham at Quadrafonic Sound Studios, Nashville

John Prine has had his share of health problems but being the trooper that he is, he’s still out there, doing it. He had to cancel a bunch of concerts scheduled for this summer, some in Western Canada, to have a stent inserted; otherwise he’s apparently doing just fine.

Hour Two

1.   Louis Armstrong & His All-Stars: Royal Garden Blues (Clarence Williams / Spencer Williams)
Ambassador Satch: Columbia Records CL 840
New Orleans LA
Louis Armstrong: trumpet
Trummy Young: trombone
Edmond Hall: clarinet
Billy Kyle: piano
Arvell Shaw: bass
Barrett Deems: drums
Produced by George Avakian, 1955
Recorded live in Milan, Italy

This is one of my favourite recordings of Louis Armstrong’s hot jazz because the energy is incredible. Side one was recorded in Milan while the B side was recorded in Amsterdam. They had their audiences in the palms of their hands from the first beat to the last.

2.   UFO: No Place To Run (Paul Chapman / Phil Mogg)
No Place To Run: Chrysalis Records CHR 1239
London UK
Phil Mogg: vocals
Paul Chapman: lead guitar
Paul Raymond: keyboards, guitar, vocals
Pete Way: bass
Andy Parker: drums
Produced by George Martin 1980
Recorded and Mixed by Geoff Emerick at AIR Studios, London

Two tracks by UFO that sort of blend into each other. UFO formed in London in August 1969.

Over a career spanning 49 years, UFO have released 22 studio albums, 14 live recordings, 16 compilation albums and one album of cover songs.

3.   Robyn Hitchcock: City of Shame (R Hitchcock)
Black Snake Diamond Role: An Armageddon Record ARM 4
London UK
Robyn Hitchcock: piano, bass, lead guitar, vocals
Morris Windsor: drums, bg vocal
Gary Barnacle: saxes
Matthew Seligman: bass
Kimberley Rew: guitar
Produced by Pat Collier and Matthew Seligman, 1981
Recorded at The Barge Studios, Waterloo (London) UK 1980 – 81

From Hitchcock’s first solo album which features several musicians from his old band Soft Boys.

4.   The Roches: Another World (The Roches)
Another World: Warner Bros Records 92-53211
Park Ridge, New Jersey
Maggie Roche: keys, singing
Terre Roche: acoustic guitar, electric guitar, singing
Suzzy Roche: acoustic guitar, singing
Carter Cathcart: drums, bass, keys, electric guitars
Tim Barfield: bass
Gene Bianco: harp
Francisco Centeno: bass
Ed Kalehoff: synths, keys
Steve Love: electric guitar
Roy Markowitz: drums
Sammy Meredino: drums
Lee Shapiro: synclavier
Andy Schwartz: electric guitar
Produced by Edd Kalehoff and Howard Linderman, 1985
Recorded by Howard Linderman at Producers Recording Studio
Mixed by Howard Linderman at RPM Studio

The Roche sisters have the most amazing, off-key harmony vocals that have amazed countless fans, including the likes of Robert Fripp who produced one of their albums. Their song Married Men was a hit for Phoebe Snow in 1979. Suzzy’s daughter is the half-sister to Martha and Rufus Wainwright (with Kate McGarrigle).

5.   The Turtles: Grim Reaper of Love (Portz / Nichol)
The Turtles Golden Hits: White Whale Records WWS 7115
Los Angeles
Howard Kaylan: vocals, keys
Mark Volman: vocals, guitar
Al Nichol: electric sitar
Chuck Portz: bass
Don Murray: drums
Produced by Bones Howe and Joe Wissert, 1967

Known mostly for their syrupy bubble gum hits (Happy Together, She’d Rather Be With Me) there was more to The Turtles then met most ears. I always thought it strange that Frank Zappa would want their two vocalists to join his Mothers, like: what did Frank see in them? Obviously he looked a lot deeper than most of us would have because you can almost hear some Mother tones imbedded into their music.

6.   Haywire: Please Mr. Postman (G Dobbins / W Garrett / F Gorman / B Holland / R Bateman)
Haywire: Dead Centre Records DCR 101
Harry Jongerden: bass, vocals
John Davies: mandolin, vocals
Ian Molesworth: guitar, vocals
Rick Thorne: banjo, vocals
Produced by Denis LePage, 1984
Recorded at Sound Path Productions, Oakville ON Dec 1983 by Paul Daley

Above: the Ontario bluegrass band with this name.

Below: the Prince Edward Island rockers with this name.

7.   Haywire: Black And Blue (Marvin Birt / Paul MacAusland / David Rashed)
Just Don’t Stand There: Attic Records LAT 1239
Charlottetown PEI
Paul MacAusland: vocal
David Rashed: keys
Marvin Birt: guitars
Ronnie Switzer: bass
Sean Kilbride: drums
Produced by Brian Allen, 1987
Recorded by Noel Golden and Ed Stone at Metalworks Studio, Toronto
Additional Recording at Manta Sound, Toronto
Mixed at Le Studio, Morin Heights QC by Paul Northfield

8.   Rare Air: Highland Life (Rare Air)
Primeval: Green Linnet Records SIF 1104
Toronto ON
Grier Coppins: pipes, percussion, whistles, vocals
Trevor Ferrier: roto toms, highland snare, bells, percussion
Dick Murai: bass
Patrick O’Gorman: pipes, flutes
Produced by Andrew St. George, 1989
Recorded & Mixed by Andrew St. George at Le Mix, Toronto, Fall ‘88

Mostly a four piece band with two pipers named after the Cabar Feidh Pipe Band where they cut their chops. They had this long Celtic name Na Cabarfeidh (name of their first album) but people became confused with the release of their second LP, Rare Air. Is that the name of the band or the album? So they changed to Rare Air and benefited by it. In all, they released six albums of jazz worldly Celtic music between 1981 and 1991.

9.   Rare Earth: Born To Wander (Tom Baird)
Rare Earth In Concert: Motown Records R 534D
Detroit MI
Pete Rivera: drums, lead vocal, percussion
Gil Bridges: woodwinds, vocal, percussion
John Persh: bass, vocal
Ray Monette: guitar, vocal
Mark Olson: keys, vocal
Ed Guzman: conga, percussion
Produced by Rare Air, 1971
Recorded live in Jacksonville & Miami FL, Ithaca NY
Mastered by Russ Terrana

These guys were part of sounds of the summer of 1972. The first white band on the Motown label to score massive hits. The version of their biggest hit song, Get Ready, takes an entire side of this double album release.

10. Bill Bruford’s Earthworks: Thud (Iain Bellamy)
Earthworks: EG Records EGED 48
London UK
Bill Bruford: drums
Iain Bellamy: sax
Django Bates: keys, horns
Mick Hutton: bass
Produced by Dave Stewart and Bill Bruford, 1987
Recorded by Martin Rex at Terminal 24 Studios, London, October 1986
Mixed by Owen Morris and Jim Abbiss at Spaceward Studios, Cambridge UK

William Scott Bruford (b. Sevenoaks Kent, May 17, 1949)

Original drummer of Yes (1968 – 72). Better known for his playing with King Crimson. He’s currently one of four drummers playing with the band. He also performed with Gong, UK and Earthworks.

11. Sonny Boy Williamson (Rice Miller): Bring It On Home (Willie Dixon)
Blues From “Big Bill’s” CopaCabana: Chess Records LPS 1533
Chicago IL
Sonny Boy Williamson II aka Rice Miller: harmonica, vocal
Produced by Ralph Bass, 1963
Recorded at Chess Studios, Chicago by Phil Chess
Chess Records Re-Issue 1967

Originally released on Chess Records subsidiary Argo Records as Folk Festival of the Blues. While most of the tracks (featuring Willie Dixon, Buddy Guy, Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf) were recorded live at Big Bill’s CopaCabana club in Chicago, Sonny Boy’s song was actually recorded at Chess studios with fake audience to simulate a live recording.

12. Powder Blues Band: Jump Up (R Rault)
Party Line: Liberty Records LT 51136
Vancouver BC
Tom Lavin: guitar, vocals
Jack Lavin: bass
Willie MacCalder: keys
Duris Maxwell: drums
David Woodward: tenor sax
Bill Runge: baritone, also sax
Mark Hasselbach: trumpet, trombone
Bonnie Bramlett: bg vocals
Produced by Tom Lavin, 1982
Recorded and mixed at Bluewave Recorders by Brian Campbell and Willie MacCalder
Mastered by George Graves at Lacquer Channel, Toronto

13. Duane Eddy: Popeye (The Hitchhiker) (Appel / Mann)
Dance With The Guitar Man: RCA Victor LPM 2648
Corning NY
Duane Eddy: lead guitar
Produced by Lee Hazelwood, 1962
Recorded by Tommy Strong, Al Schmitt and Jack Miller at RCA Victor’s Nashville Sound Studios

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